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Topic: Chemistry
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In this lab, we tested pouring BTB of an acid and a base. We also made a neutralization by mixing a base with an acid.


NaOH, HCl, beakers, funnel, filter, activated carbon and BTB.


I think NaOH become blue and that HCl becomes orange. I think it is salt water when it becomes neutral.



First we went and got all the things we would use and put back. We poured NaOH in a beaker and HCl in another. Then we took two drops of BTB and poured down into each and mixed about. After we recorded some of our hypotheses sued. After it began the difficult part. We took the basic solution and poured into the acid. After that we would get it neutral. Once neutral, it would turn into green color and it took some time. We tried for a few minutes before you came around and mixed thoroughly in the beaker, and thus became the green. Then we went up to you and got charcoal in a funnel that we would trickle into the neutral genomic solution by. It took a few minutes and after that, we were ready. You could then drink it left over, ie salt water. Then we were ready, cleaned up and went.

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