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Subject: Philosophy , Society
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If you have any God or Gods, what then?

God is an impersonal, non-moral, creative force in the universe.

What is the relationship man has to God / gods?

God, we have no personal contact without the "divine" consists of an all-encompassing universal energy. Instead of God speaks of vitality and cosmic energy.
But mostly it is about the individual to give up everything to God, to control and tame her, I simply feel happiness and upgrade themselves and to put himself in the center and have as a lifelong goal to see God within themselves.

How should one live as a human? What values ​​are important?

There is no leader of the New Age, nor any church or specific rules that must be followed. New Age is made up of a group of people who are interested in spirituality and health, but also a large number of methods that will help us to develop as human beings.

New Age also want to convey a unifying feeling between all living things on earth instead of unrestrained and irresponsible destruction of Mother Earth, etc.

What does the man on death / What happened after death?

Many people reincarnation is a natural thing after death, when you're born back to Earth as an individual.

If you have writings that follow / who are they?

The universe has always existed as the tangible manifestation of the creative divine force.
Man is the finest product of human evolution, with limitless possibilities, only she becomes aware of the divine power within themselves.
We can, through mystical experiences become aware of all things divine and we can experience through exercises association with the life force. We can be guided by spiritual guides of the spirit world or different gurus.
Jesus Christ is a spiritual teacher, among many others.
Sin is not to recognize their own divinity. The walk towards the realization occurs through different techniques and exercises.
Salvation is deliverance from fear and guilt by becoming aware of his own divinity.
Because evil and sin actually is an illusion and there is no personal referees, we become purified through countless reincarnations through which consciousness is raised, step by step.

What is New Age actually?

The New Age movement is colloquially a collective name for a large number of world views, and alternative groups. The word New Age refers to, the Aquarian Age, in English the Age of Aquarius. New Age is a concept that is about as difficult to understand as Hinduism, for an outsider. It is included in the New Age are a lot of different methods and teachings for spiritual development. There is everything possible, everything from meditation, yoga, magic and healing to astrology, UFOs, aliens, tarot, witchcraft and the chan Erling (spiritualism). And there are also common terms holistic, positive thinking, reincarnation and dream interpretation.
Yet, there are common denominators for the New Age, there are also networks linking the different techniques and teachings in the New Age and New Age believers can often wander from one form of New Age techniques or faith to another.
New Age is a Western phenomenon, but has been largely an oriental content.
During the last half of the 1900s swept various forms of Eastern thought to concepts, techniques of meditation and wisdom roads to fortune in the West.
Beatles started to meditate under Maharashi guru Mahesh Yogi's meditation technique, and in the 1960s did the hippies spiritual experiences through the drug LSD, hippies flocked to India to seek out someone guru and young people found their spirituality in Bhagavadghita and Bagwans writings. They had made up the Christian faith, and sought out alternatives.

How big is the New Age?

New Age is not a small group of people, although it is easy to like those.
Olav Hammer, which is perhaps our greatest New Age connoisseur in Sweden says:
"In Sweden, the mental legacy of the New Age movement by a good margin overtaken the traditional Christianity as religious beliefs". What does he mean by that?
He does not say that more has become the New Age adherents than Christian, but it is more encompassing theory is the New Age movement. New Age has such popularized doctrines of religion in the East, and the Swedes profess it without blinking and without calling themselves Hindus or Buddhists. Christians who identify themselves is between four and ten percent, but there are many more who believe in including reincarnation or rebirth, and then without even call themselves religious. The content of the motion is supported by a growing number of people.
Studies show that two out of three adults believe in supernatural experiences as true dreams and notice. One in five believe that you can have contact with the dead, it is they who are called spiritualism. Every fourth adult is convinced that earth occasionally visited by extraterrestrial beings.
The ultimate team of people who lived for fifty or seventy-fifth anniversary would answer yes to the question; Do you believe in reincarnation or rebirth? But many more would call themselves Christians.

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