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New Zealand's Animals

Subject: English , Geography
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In New Zealand, there are many special animals here is one of them:

The Tuatara:

The Tuatara can not be found anywhere else in the world, except in New Zealand. When it was discovered, in 1867, the one who found it thought it was a dinosaur. When They later Examined it, They saw it was older then the dinosaurs! It had been the same species for 130 million years.
The Tuatara can be from one hundred to three hundred years old. And when They are adults, They must be over 50 years old.
When a baby is born, it has been in an egg for fifteen months.
A Tuatara can ask about 65 centimetres long, and everything in a Tuataras life goes very slow.
The Tuatara is a reptile and it's a night animal. That means that's it is awake on the night instead of being awake on the day. On the night, the Tuatara hunts insects, worms, birds, eggs and small and young birds.
Now, the Tuatara is extinct on the mainland on New Zealand. But if you want to see it, you could go out to the nature reserves on the small ilands on the North Island coasts.

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