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Topic: Geography
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• To governed Norway:

Norway is a constitutional monarchy, which means that the country has king or queen (or both). But they have no power, but it has a parliamentary elected government. The Prime Minister of Norway's Jens Stoltenberg.

The Norwegian Constitution of 1814 gives the head of state the right to independently appoint their government, but since 1884, when the parliamentary system was introduced, it has become so that the Prime Minister must have support in the Storting.

The Norwegian parliament, the Storting, consists of 169 members from 2005, chosen from 19 regions, counties.

The electoral system is proportional elections every four years.

• the country's political parties are:

• Labor Party - the equivalent of the Swedish Social Democrats. Norway's largest party.

• Høyre - equivalent to the Swedish Moderates and stands to the right in politics.

• Centre Party - defends the Norwegian peasants just as Swedish Centre Party defends the Swedish farmers.

• Christian Democratic Party - a bourgeois party that is working to develop Christian values ​​in politics.

• Socialist Left Party - formed by various leftist groups merged.

• Progress Party - is a discontent party

• Liberal Party - is a left party.

• The economy:

The Norwegian economy is based originally on forests and fisheries.

But then Norway in 1975 became exporter of oil industry has increasingly been marked by oil and gas production.

The Norwegian economy is vulnerable due. The high dependence on oil prices.

• Norwegian companies:

Because of the oil, many companies are formed. Three of them called Statoil, Norsk Hydro and Saga.

• Norway's welfare system:

Norway's welfare system has largely been built up by money from oil and gas.

• Education and training:

Primary school is ten years. The children start at age six and goes four years in småskolesteget three years in the mid-stage and three years in a juvenile stage. All are then entitled to three years of upper secondary or vocational education. About 95 percent of students educate themselves further after primary school. There are few schools in Norway. University in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Tromsø and Stavanger.

• Commodities:

Norway has among others iron ore, coal (Svalbard), lead, zinc, aluminum and copper. But the economically important natural resources are oil and natural gas. Norway is the fifth largest in the values ​​of the oil exporter. Gas production is expected in 2020 pull in more money to the treasury than oil production. Through pipelines on the seabed is oil and gas to the UK and the European continent.

• Organizations:

Norway is one of the nations that founded NATO in 1949. NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, means "the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation".

Norway has two referenda said no to EU membership.

• Norway's culture:

Norwegian culture has, inter alia, Become internationally famous by artist Edvard Munch (1863-1944), the composer Edvard Grieg (1843-1907)

There are many other famous Norwegians eg .:

* Niels Henrik Abel - Mathematics genius

* Roald Amundsen - first to the South Pole

* Elisabeth Andreassen ("Betty") - singer

* Tone Bekkestad - meteorologist TV4

* Ole Bull - violin player, composer

* John Carew - Soccer

* Magnus Carlsen - chess player

* Bjørn Dæhlie - skiers, the most successful vinterolympier

* Jon Fosse - author

* Karin Fossum - author

* Edvard Grieg - Composer

* Knut Hamsun - author

* Anita Hegerland - singer

* Sonja Henie - figure skating star and actress in Hollywood

* Thor Heyerdahl - archaeologist and historian, the driving force behind the Kon-Tiki project

* Henrik Ibsen - Author

* Åse Kleveland - singer and politician

* Sissel Kyrkjebø - singer

* Trygve Lie - the first Secretary of the United Nations

* Edvard Munch - Artist

* Wenche Myhre - singer

* Fridtjof Nansen - adventurer, scientist, diplomat

* Odd Nerdrum - Artist

* Sverre Anker Ousdal - Actor

* Alf Prøysen - visdiktare and writers, including "Teskedsgumman" and "mice was Christmas Eve." * Vidkun Quisling - Nazis and accused of treason during World War II

* John Arne Riise - Soccer

* Aud Schønemann - actress, best known from TV that Marve Fleksnes' mother

* Jon Skolmen - comedian, actor, best known from "Sällskapsresan" films

* Petter Solberg - rally driver

* Ole Gunnar Solskjær - Soccer

* Jahn Teigen - musicians

* Tor Trondsen - Soccer

* Liv Ullmann - Actress

* Sigrid Undset - author

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