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Novell - Albin my friend

Subject: Swedish
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This is about a day when I and Albin were at a party at a pal to him and then it was not quite as we had imagined.

It started in the morning I and Albin went to school together. On the way to school, we met his buddies called Mark, he was a very nice guy until he found out I was at the party.

- If you are going to to get nothing to eat or drink and you do not flirt with any of my mates either. said Mark.

- But Albin tell him I'm actually your friend not just he. I said to Albin.

- No, I'm not going to tell him, 'said Albin.

- Good thing they Albin, said Markus.

- Okay, but then I'm not your friend more, I said.

Then I went away from them and went to school, because we had started five minutes ago.

Cried Albin me.

- But please Hanna listening to me it was not what I meant, called Albin.

- Oh no, how did you then come and explain to me then Albin, I cried / Hanna.

- Okay, I will, and declares, called Albin.

- As well, I shouted back.

Then he came running up to me, grabbed me and hugged me in a minute until when I said the soothing voice.

- What was that you would explain to me when Albin?

- Well, this is what I had thought that I would buy drinks and some snacks to us, so then do not we take from there, said Albin.

- Okay, what good it can do that is good, but were you thinking something else or so? So I.

- Yes, I had imagined that maybe we could go home to me after the party, said Albin.

- Okay, we may well do, it will be good, I said.

- Good, we'll go to school now, or? Asked Albin.

- Yes, we do, I said.

Then we went to school, we went in different classes and no one at school knew that we were friends. When the school day drew to a close, I decided to wait for Albin, but Albin never showed up on the way we used to bring home to us, we lived next door to each other so we always went together to and from school. But this day was that Albin had free periods the last two lessons and then he went home without looking me up. But that did not know me so well went to his home and would scold him. When I came home to Albin as his father opened the door.

- Albin, Hanna is this, cried Lars / Alan's father.

- Albin is not at home, cried Ulrika / Alan's mother.

- But where is he? Asked Lars.

- I do not know, at the home of one Mark can well believe, said Ulrika.

- Albin is not at home, he is at St. Mark's, said Lars me.

- Schyst, but we heard goodbye, I said.

Then I went home and prepared myself for the party. Then I took me a glass of water and went to my room and read a book. When it was time to go to the party Albin came home to me, he walked into my room.

- Hey Hanna, sorry if I'm not waiting for you, or gave you the answer right away, I'm really sorry about that, 'said Albin.

- Okay, but what fun to socialize with Mark and not me then, I am, after all, your best friend, I said.

- Yes, I know it but it's not always easy when you are at school and I stopped, I could just not wait for you in three hours, said Albin.

- Okay, but we're not going to mess now, it's better if we go to the party, you are well fixed snacks and drink? I asked.

- No, I could not do it but we can of course go and fix it now, and that thing with you not to flirt with his buddies do not, you can always flirt with mig, said Albin.

- Okay, what good but should we go now or? I asked.

- Yes, we should go now. Albin replied.

- What good then we go, bye mom and dad! So I.

When they got to the store so was Albin snacks and drinks Hannah, then when they would pay that Albin had forgotten wallet at home. When he said it to the cashier as she said

- You can go home and fetch it, but came back as soon as possible because it is more in the queue and not just you.

- Then said Albin to the cashier that he should hurry to his home and then back, because he is the fastest in his class.

Once he came home to himself as he hurried to his room, retrieved the wallet and ran away. When he came to the store again, it was only one person behind them to all the others had stood in another queue. Then paid Albin and he and Hanna rushed from there.

When they came to the party as it had already begun, when asked Mark where we had kept the house and then said Albin that,

- We have been to the store and acted snacks and drinks to Hanna because she can not take anything from here.

- Yeah, but I did not mean what I said then, I had a hangover from the night before so I knew just what I said then, as Mark.

- Okay, so she gets away but then it was just unnecessary to shop for her, but that we may have after the party when we're home to me, and Albin.

- Well, are you going to your house, are you together? Asked Mark.

- No, we're not together, we are just best friends forever. Albin replied.

When they had been at the party for a while, they had had time to greet everyone who was there and partied. Later in the evening about fifteen minutes before the party was over, so was Albin so packed that he would do anything to get hold of Hanna, but she resisted all the time. When they had been there for about five minutes as Albin sat and slept, when Hanna well looked it so she brought him and told Mark that they have to go home.

- Ok, you can go home now, bye see you next time I or you have a party, said Markus.

- Good, bye see you, I said / Hanna.

On the way home to Albin, I needed to go and support him almost all the way, when we were about ten meters away from his yard so he came round a little so that he almost managed to stand on his legs himself. But when we had come to his room so he slumbered again so I needed to take off his clothes and put him under the covers. Because none of his parents would be home that specific night so I slept over at him.

I had told my parents that they would not be worried about me because I'll sleep over at Albin. Once they gave in because I had to sleep over there, I had said that Alan's parents would be home. But it was not so true, I thought they would be at home but it turned out that they would not be there.

My parents phoned Alan's parents to see if they would be at home that day, then told Alan's parents that they would not be home the foremost watch two in the afternoon the next day. I was still sleeping over at Albin for my parents although I had lied about it, because there are alarms there and it had been a burglar there before when they had the alarm, it started as soon as there was a crowbar in the door.

When we came home to Albin was at just 10.21, Albin fell asleep after all direct when we came up to his room so at about 23:20 so woke Albin and shouted at me and then so I hurried up to him.

He said he wanted me to sleep with him and did not sleep in his parents 'room, because I had no choice so I went and fetched a glass of water for him, I also went and made up his parents' bed again then I went into to Albin and gave him water. Then I took against the glass when he had drunk up and put it on his desk that was there in the room, after I went to bed with Albin lying there and looked thoughtfully at me when I asked what it was that he checked the and then he said he watched how beautiful I am, he also said that I am the most beautiful in the world, all that he said that evening I wrote up and showed him the next day when he was sober.

As we lay there in bed, I lay facing away from him, but it was no problem for him, he managed to hold me still. Once I told him that he got hold of me and hug me if he wishes so, he said he wanted to be with me, and then I said that we could be together if you even say it tomorrow, when he promised that he would say the next day. When the next day came, I told him to say what he said the night before, but he had completely forgotten what he had said, so I had to tell him everything, and then he said that being together was not so well right now because that Albin had just said to Mark that we were not together.

When I heard that I said to

- You can choose to be with me or we are not friends anymore?

- Okay, we are well together then, but then we have to tell Mark that he does not ask you out and you will be so good friends that he wants to be with you.

- Yes, it will be good, you must tell him today, after your parents have come home.

- Yes, I do, but you should go home now or should you stay here with me, sweetheart?

- I'm staying well with you and eat breakfast and then we can go out and go home and tell me the news to my parents.

- Yes, we can but first we eat.

After we had eaten breakfast so we went to my house and told me about it, my parents said it was good that we were together, we still had known each other from kindergarten to now, so that was good. When we had talked about it to my parents so we went home to Albin again and prepared lunch until when Alan's parents would come home. At 14:10 came Alan's parents home where the food was just finished so they could eat right away when Alan's parents came home. After they had eaten so Albin spoke about his parents that we were together and they said just as my parents said.

Later, at about 17:30 so went Albin home to Mark, and when he pressed the bell then came Mark's little sister and opened.

- Hey, Mark at home? Said Albin.

- Mark, Albin are here and want to talk with you! Cried the little sister.

- Okay, okay, I will, Sa Mark.

- Hi Markus, yes it is like this that I and Hanna are together, so Albin.

- Hey, all right, but I heard yesterday that you were not together, so Mark

- Yes, but we were together today, and if you try to do so that she falls in love with you so you get to talk to me first that she will be with me the rest of his entire life just so you know, said Albin.

- Okay, but I will certainly still get her to fall in love with me by doing a certain thing I know she likes, Sa Mark.

- Okay, but we heard bye, Sa Albin.

- Okay, bye, Sa Mark.

Later after that conversation went Albin and thought about it Markus had said all the way home, he went and thought about it so when he got home was Hanna and his parents in the living room and talked, when they heard the front door was opened they stopped talk about what they had talked about and started talking about something else. When Albin came into the living room and told Hannah to get as asked Hanna why he looked so thoughtful, and then he said he would talk to her about it then when they came up to his room and he did not want to talk about it in front his parents. Then, once they had come up to his room so he told me that Mark had just told him, and then told Hanna that Markus had no idea what she liked and disliked because she had just met Mark twice and both times had she spent with Albin and met Mark.

Later in the evening so would Albin sleep over at Hanna and it went very well for their parents, though they would keep an eye on what they do so that they do not do something they can not do. When all the well had fallen asleep, it was so quiet and comfortable in the house that you could hear a pin drop to the floor.

End of this Novell.

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