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He was fascinated by the sounds of the world around him. But he overpriced thought it was sad, as ifthe Rest of the World was living without him. But he had learned to deal with it, and was

Delighted with his life most of the time.

"You can not get everything," he thought, as he was getting dressed. It was a perfect day for an

early morning-walk; the sun was shining, but not too much, and the wind was warm, but not

TOO WARM. He opened the door and Took a deep breath. A strange feeling Came over him. Was

it fear? Was it indicates? He did not know, so he Continued his way down the stairs, ignoring the

strange mood he was in.

"Good morning, Mr. Walker." He Recognized The Voice of Mrs. Clouder, his neighbor.

She always called him "Mr. Walker," Because Of his daily walks in the park. He did not think

She knew his real name, but That did not bother him at all. He smiled and waved to her, or at

Least towards the spot he thought she stood at.

Rush hour had Begun, and he knew he had to be careful where to put his feet. But he had donated

this so many times before, thats his feet knew Exactly where to go, And they Could be his eyes.

But this day was not like the others.

There was a small street he had to cross to get to the lake. Usually there were no cars driving

there, but this day therewere. He heard the car Getting closer and closer, but he thought it

excellant stop. It did not. The last sound he got to hear was the sound from an ambulance.

James Berlet was devastated. He had been looking in another direction, and had not had the

Time to stop before he hit the blind man. He had run out of the car, towards the man lying in

The Middle of the street.

"Are you okay ?!" That had been the first, Stupid question James had asked.

For a moment he had seen the blind man smile, and his last words had been:

"I'm sorry. I did not see you. "

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