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Topic: Biology , Plants
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Opiates come from a flower that has been cultivated for thousands of years it's called Opium Poppy, it is about 1 meter high and has light violet petals and grown in Asia. The first thing that you get out of the flower is raw opium and away from it produces, among other things, morphine and heroin, etc. In the past, they used the content as drugs, but nowadays people are abusing the substance, which is prohibited. Opium abuse came to Europe during the 1800s. The drug looks like small dark brown bits or occur in powder form that the addict eat or smoke and rökheroinet Having been increasingly used in recent years. Heroin is placed on a piece of aluminum foil which is then heated from below with a lighter, addict pulls the smoke that rises from the film "To chase the dragon" is called in English.


The drug's effect depends entirely on how much you take, how accustomed you are, what mood you are in or if you are also taking it in conjunction with other drugs. When anyway taking the drug must first be a sense of pleasure that after a while go over, instead get a sense of satisfaction when feeling lost one feels no longer any hunger or painful feelings and you no longer have sexual desire . At larger doses will be very warm the body and very dry in the mouth, and larger doses can also lead to respiratory failure and cardiac arrest, and then you die if you do not get immediate help. A sign that taking the drug addict is that the pupils constrict. In healthcare can morphine be given to the patient in the emergency of serious diseases and pain killers, but given not out unnecessarily.

How dependence ?:

The drug is a neurotoxin that makes the nerves want it, at first, too, because when you take it the first time, opening up some receptors, and they are filled with the drug. The drug makes the nerves calm but when it exits the body becomes, for example, nervous and shaking only until you get the drug itself again. But it all starts with more or less acquire a tank for the body. The consequences are then to want more, and finally one becomes dependent and destroys itself. Trying to get out of their need for the drug is almost impossible to be done on your own, therefore require treatment in health care.


Many diseases are present, as to drug users often share and use the same syringe that can lead to hepatitis and HIV. Two of the reasons that addicts often die, suicide and overdose. The addict commits suicide because out of that depression induced by substance abuse.
People who abuse does not always have as much money as needed to obtain the amount of drug that they want, because it is a large sum of money that is needed, because there are much crime and the most common is to steal money and valuables or prostitution.

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