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Orthodox Church

Topic: Religion
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The Orthodox Church was founded in the Eastern Roman Empire, and it is said to be founded by Jesus.
The number of members of the Orthodox Church is about 200 million.
Them the highest bishops usually called patriarchs, and the Konstantinopelska patriarch regarded as the premier, in some countries called the leaders of the archbishop or metropolitan. But just because you are a senior bishop, it does not mean that one has control over the entire genomic Orthodox Church, there are for example the Rumänsk- Orthodox Church, the Greek Orthodox Church, Serbian Orthodox Church mm.
When entering into an Orthodox church will be first into the department that symbolizes the Earth, then if you go further into that, you enter the iconostasis. Iconostasis has three doors, two small sides and a large middle called King's Gate or the "Beautiful Gate".
If you go through the King's Gate will lead you to the most sacred part of the church, that is, the part that symbolizes heaven in there also stands the altar of God.
Orthodox church features
Within the Orthodox Church are also many negative things.
Such that there are only a few number of benches for those elderly and disabled, and during the fair must probably stand up or lie down on your knees. Though for those Orthodox members so is it worth it, to the celebration to open the King's Gate and the people will see heavenly rikedomar.Ikoner and saints
In each Orthodox church is an iconostasis, an iconostasis is a great track that is revenue of acclaimed pictures. The pictures are called icons and images, pictures onto eg Jesus, Mary, martyrs and saints.
For those religious so the icons are not like ordinary images, for them it is a foretaste of heaven.
So why treat it with reverence icons during religious services can be developed into an icon and kissing it and light a candle in front of it.
All members of the Orthodox Church in their home "beautiful corner" that's where they keep their icons together with an oil lamp.

Essential weekends
There are a couple of important weekends also within the Orthodox Church.
The most important of them is the Easter, one begins Easter Eve with fireworks and bell ringing, it also has a small revenge moments where you throw a doll in the fire, the doll is supposed to be Jude.
Judas was the person who sent Jesus to death, he was also one of Jesus 12 disciples. During the evening Easter celebrations is the people in the procession around the church, to go in procession means to go round and round slowly
in the form of a train, it is most often in procession during certain ceremonies such as funerals or important during weekends.
At midnight shout "Christ is risen" and then cheering and kissing people together.

In every church there are a lot of monasteries, the Orthodox Church has about 20 different monastery with about 2000 monks in each. The most famous monastery has been around for thousands of years and is called the monk republic Athos, it is located on a peninsula reside in northeastern Greece, about 100 years, there were 8,000,000 monks at the famous monk island Athos. All monasteries are autonomous.

Holy documents
The Orthodox Church's sacraments are called mysteries. It is meant by the mysteries that man in a sublime way, a part of God's power through the seven sacred documents, though it is the sacrament of the Catholic Church, there are still small differences.

• Baptism
Instead of dipping his head in a dish then dip to the entire body under water, as a sacrifice to God as you put in a lock of hair from the child.

• Confirmation
In the Orthodox Church confirms to the child after baptism, then anointing the child with holy oil.

• Confession
Confession is basically the same as in the Catholic Church,
The only difference is that you are not using a confessional.

• Supper
Instead of drinking wine and eating bread for themselves, so you eat the bread and wine together on a spoon.

• Marriage
A man who has been ordained to the priesthood can never be part of a marriage, the men who are already married can become priests, but not bishops. In the Orthodox Church, divorce is not prohibited, and to get marry again.

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    all Orthodox are not "beautiful corner" and "Confessions No" is very different from the Catholic.
    and by standing up during a ceremony to show respect, there is nothing negative. rather the opposite. and the benches are available for those really old, adults can be seen as standing on their own feet?

    otherwise they were good, but one must be careful when writing about religion. it is a sensitive Specialty

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