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Oskarshamn nuclear

Subject: Physics
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On 17 November 2005, the classes TE1A, TE1B and SMIP1 a study on nuclear power plant in Oskarshamn.
The day began with a bus trip to Oskarshamn.
It began with the visit short delivery and review of Hannah Nephew. Upon completion, we got lunch and then we went down to the SP laboratory in undergjorden to see the various experiments they had done.
Then we took the bus to the O3-ball which is the largest reactor Oskarshamn three reactors. We got to see the reactor building and the turbine hall.

Description of Business

Who owns when OKG?
Well, it is E.ON Sweden and Fortum owns it, 54.5% and 45.5%.
OKG has about 850 employees and is divided into different professions, operation, maintenance. Engineering, environmental sam economy and support functions.
The majority of them are male employees (about 80%), and the other 20% are women.

Oskarshamn nuclear power accounts for approximately 10% of Sweden's electricity. With its ten percent so hear OKG last of the big suppliers of power to the Nordic electricity program.

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