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On the road

Subject: Swedish
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Gasping, breathing, running. She runs away from the shadows. Want to get somewhere where no one else been before, where no others exist.
Where no words are words, no music is music, where nothing has any meaning at all.
There is within her and now screaming it, gnaw, pawing and want out. Fort! NOW! NUU !!
She hits her hands through the glass, shards of glass cuts into her arms.
Blood is flowing out of her, she pulls her arms back and forth against the glass pieces.
She smiles a mischievous grin as he enters. He grabs her, everything becomes blurred his face becomes suddenly someone else. She becomes hysterical, starts fighting, biting and demolished.
There are many more inspringandes and grabs her. They removes henne.- Hmmft, hmmft, hmmft.
She sits in one corner of his room and rocking back and forth, she breathes heavily as he enters. He sees that she has had bars on the windows, all the mirrors are removed and she has plastic cups instead of ordinary glass.
He sits down in front of her, takes her hand and kisses it. Talking quietly to her and trying to make eye contact. In recent days, she actually listened and responded to what he says.
Within the girl who sits there in the corner is his girl, who used so humbly kiss him and hug him. Sometime they should win over "the terrible" as she calls them.
He will never forget the night he came home from work and saw her lying on the kitchen floor and shake your arms torn and pulp spouting blood.
She cried, so scared she was. You could see the fear in her eyes and he can never understand what she went through.
She had to be hospitalized and he vowed never to leave her. They had planned a future together.

She fights against all the time. They want to pull her back down into the darkness, where she escapes from the shadows.
The whole time she feels the blood just want out, but she struggles.
- NO NO !, she screams and keeps your ears.
It usually always get someone inspringandes, which is visible as blurred in his eye on her.
They have begun to understand now that she no longer hurts himself. She must not, can not, she wants to return to him, not rotting in a room of a hospital.
- I'll be healthy, she says.
Every day she goes to her doctor in his office and talks about her predictions. This time he says it looks better and that she may soon go home.
She goes back to her room and hear music for the first time in a long time.
Depeche Mode - Route 66, she remembers it, since she was little. She stops and listens, trying to enjoy all the tones that she had not heard in years. The song is her favorite and go to his room. She looks out the window, it's ours. Buds on the trees, the birds flying and weak sunshine. She longs out, it was a long time ago now.
She was packing up his things in a bag, ready to go home. She sits on the bed and see a black shadow fly over the wall.
She closes her eyes tightly hold your ears and singing loudly. Everything becomes silent, she looks up and everything is gone.
Now, finally, she is on the road, against a healthy life. Nothing will be easy, every day of the rest of her life, she will be fighting shadows.
He will not always be there, might get tired one day he and pulls?
All homes and hospitals she been on, always someone on hand when she needed help no longer exists.
She's now living the real life where everyone can handle themselves, though she has him.

Always, she has had a longing for death, always attracts cast her in death.
When he is at work, she usually feel so alone, as if it only was she who was and no one else.
No one has understood her as good as him. No one has bothered as much as him.
She asks him to stay home, she cries and asks on his knees. He must go have an important meeting. She cries out for him as he passed.
Running into their bedroom and looking for soothing but find nothing.
The shadows will now, they chase her. They are aggressive worse than ever. She runs out into the street down the tunnel. She sees them come closer.
Running and running as fast as she can but she hears them come closer.
She sees a flash of light coming toward her, hearing voices, seeing shadows.
She lies there, she is alive but has not much left. At last she'll have peace, not to suffer. He will be lonely, lonely mast on earth but on the way to a life without responsibility and without her pain.
Finally on the way.

Emma Fogelberg

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