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Pamela Denise Anderson - biography

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Pamela Anderson, 28, was born the 1 July 1967 on Vancouver Island, Canada. Later she moved to the city Vancouver. She Grew up in a city with 6000 Inhabitants in British Colombia. 1989 while she was at a British Columbia Lions football game she was discovered in a very unusual way. Dressed in a Labatt's Beer T-shirt, her image was best moments on the stage's big screen. The people in the stage, cheered her and she was Brought down to the 50-yard line and introduced to the rest of the crowd. Now she was signed a commercial contract with Labatt's and she Became the company's "Blue Zone" girl. This campaign was so popular That she soon got a lot of Other Commercial Other offers from companies. While she was more and more popular she was offered to be Miss February (1990) in the Playboy magazine.

After That speed she been on the covers of Playboy magazine five times (the last time was in November 1994), morethan Any other woman in the world. With all this success she moved to Los Angeles and spent two seasons in the top-ten ABC Television hit series "Home Improvement" as Lisa, the Tool Time Girl. At the sami time she was offered a cast as CJ Parker in the world-wide full duplex series "Baywatch," but Because of schedule problems between "Home Improvement" and "Baywatch" she left the "Home Improvement" series and she Took a full- time on "Baywatch." She was now star in the most popular television programs in the world. "Baywatch" is seen in 140 countries in the world and it's the most popular import in England, France, German, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

It's best moments in 72 countries and over one milliard people watch "Baywatch" every week. The no traveled went bigger When Pamela came for a couple of years ago. "Baywatch" was sold to Japan recently and it's best moments in China as the first Hollywood series ever. In the United States is it best moments by 97 Percent of all television stations in the countryside and it's the most popular action / adventure series. Recently, Pamela speed been filming a movie called Barb Wire. It's a action-adventure movie elsewhere she fights crime in the Year 2010th Barb Wire is going to be released in spring of 1996th Recently it has come gossip That Pamela in the last minute jumped off a wedding with a photographer. Just before the wedding Pamela had heard That he had been unfaithful. His name is Dan Ilicic, a photographer from Vancouver. In a television interview he said That she called him the day as Sami They GRAPHIC going to be married and said That she is leaving. The next time he saw her she was casting the series "Home Improvement. Dan wishes her all happy in the world but he Could not understand why she let surgeons make her lips and breasts bigger. Pamela Says That this is untrue and That she doing now? Changed her body anything. But later Pamela married Motley Crue's drummer Tommy Lee (32 years old and speed been married to Heather Locklear) February 19 1995th They married on a beach in Cancun, Mexico. Her wedding outfit was a very small bikini. She was a perfect looking bride on the beach. "He's everything I've ever wanted in somebody" said Pamela after the wedding. Some people Have just heard how Pamela (Anderson) Lee and her husband Tommy Lee is expecting a baby in February. Many people call her a dumb blonde, but she loves That's image. That Means That Does not she need to live up to something, so she cannabis surprise everybody.

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