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Per Nilssom: Anarchy

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Anarkai is written by Per Nilsson and is published by Raben & Sjogren. He lives in Sölvesborg, where he works as a teacher of mathematics and music. His first book was published in 1986 and was called Between waking and sleep. The book Valentine delight won the 1992 Raben & Sjogren's competition for the best youth book on the theme of love. Per Nilsson has also received other awards, as Nils Holgersson plaque for that Anarkai and become August Nominated for the Raven's song.
Anarkai belongs to the genre that can not be described with one word. You could instead write that it is a mixture of love and not to be himself. Maybe not easy to understand if you have not read the book. Per Nilsson describes in his book John as the true protagonist. It is John who tells us in the book. Johan is a wheelchair-bound teenager from Sölvesborg as a summer hits it truly remarkable Anarkai, or Kai as he claims to hot. Kai is a drifter who travels around and convey their messages:
Do what you want! Let no control over you! Your life is yours! As long as you do not hurt someone else, you do what you want!
His message is not always welcomed by all, but he can at least entertain an audience long and well. Kai is an anarchist, I understand right when he described. Sneaky interesting and at the same time. He does not want to be stuck in a system of rules, but take each day as it comes. Food shoplifting he was in the store where he does no harm. It is in any case Kais reasoning. Johan thinks Kai is a good guy even though he may not agree with everything he says and does to 100%.
The book's title would make it sound as if Kai is the protagonist. Sure, he's an interesting figure but what I find most interesting is Johan's efforts to win the love of Gro. John is a guy who can laugh silenced, no one is laughing in his presence. But Gro and Kai, they laugh anyway with Johan. Kai is the person who gets the book to brighten up a little extra with his magic tricks and sudden disappearances. Kai says he will always find someone to live with, either someone he knows or he gets to know. He also writes the free and in return he takes food in the supermarket or the ICA! He hates satellite dishes, cars and banks. It then turns out to be true. He sprays into each dish antenna in a block with the word masturbation. Why? Well, he thinks that everyone who has satellite dish just watching a lot of filth in which women are being exploited. But it is surely preconceptions? Gro is a girl that John found when he looks at Kai's appearance. Someone who he falls for instantly. You may then follow their path to a couple.
Per Nilsson was able to describe these people in a very good way. Where he got the role identity of the persons from is not easy to answer. An autobiography is all out of the question. Can you play that you are someone other than who you are? Should I do it? Should I lie to get somewhere? That's probably what Anarkai want to emphasize. Or Andreas Segemyr that his real name. That Kai would only be a scam, one can not guess until it revealed at the end. It will be exciting in the way the book is told.
Per Nilsson has divided into chapters with small posts, wheels spinning, wheels rolling. Where he describes, if I guess right, the way to their love and understanding of Anarkai. It is set in the present, and chapters themselves are flashbacks. It takes a while before you understand what the small posts was anything but after a while I just wanted to scroll back and read them again. He describes the environment very briefly and focuses more in on to get the characters in the book. I can in any case establish that they are in Sölvesborg. I do not really know why he has described in detail how Johan masturbating but clearly fun it becomes. One thing I did not understand at first was that John was in a wheelchair. It took me three fifths of the book to realize this. If it's because I missed some sentences I do not know, it could also be due to my habit of reading books and capture as much information. What would Per Nilsson will give the message of the book? It is quite clear that one should not go into another person without being himself. It will always be at if you are honest.

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