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Popular music history

Topic: Music
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Nirvana receive my 1987, it was only just Kurt and his friend Christian. Then came Aaron Burckhardin in the band. Nirvana was most popular in the 90s. The song that they broke through with

Called Smells Like Teen Spirit, their style of music was grunge. Elvis Presley was most popular during the 60s and he came to fame in 1956 with the songs: Hound Dog, Heartbreak Hotel and Do not Be Cruel mmHans style of music called Rockabilly and the style is also home today

ABBA was formed 1969.Abba were the fortunate popgrupp.Dom broke through worldwide

The song that they played again with the name of Waterloo in 1974 melodifestivalen.Deras music style was disco and popmusk.Abba was most popular in 1970 and they are still very popular today.

Some key artists / bands during the 1900s were such as ABBA, Elvis Presley and Jackson Miachel

Miachel Jackson was very popular during the 70-80 talet.Albumena Bad Dangerus 87 and 92 were large framgångar.Miachel is one of popular music's biggest begåvningar.Han are skillfully combined soul and pop, mded well choreographed dance and själlfull sångrösr.

Some uppfinnigar in popular music is: radio, microphone, rock cake and vinylskivan.Förstärkta instruments are electric guitars, electric bass and försärkare.1968 Jim Marshall guitar amplifier with distorted ljud.Viktiga events in the history of music: Motown = company.

Stardadesinom soulmusiken.Dom first digital recordings görs.Man start experimenting with music videos to promote artists and band.1981 came MTV.Han who receive my MTV named Matt Behre, MTV is a good youth entertainment like adolescents.! 992 came the Real World, which was the world's largest dokusåpa.Kritikerna called it bad underhållningsform.MTV has existed for 25 years and is a very populärt.Och during that time, MTV's music and underhållnigskanal created television history with countless fun and scandals that have become omtalde worldwide !

Ida Svedlund

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