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The union working for the rights of workers in the labor market. They also work to inform and educate them on things that are important when they enter the job market.
Some of their most important questions is ... what can we do to improve it for the workers? And where can we seek support and contribution somewhere?

The working environment:

Everything possible impact on the environment eg AC, sound, smell and look as if there would be weeping and gloomy so reduces the desire to work the runner if it is colorful and cheerful colors, so does job satisfaction in the workplace. It can also be dangerous machines on a work site eg an excavator or other dangerous machinery. It may also occur stress in an e.g. kindergarten or on a newspaper, it's a pretty big factor in the work environment that can handle some better ANN others.


The requirements for getting a job is becoming more stringent where necessary for higher education but because the school is a must. In the future, I believe that high school will be mandatory to get a job.


I worked at Malmköpings video and has interviewed Habib who runs it. He works 14:00 to 10:00 p.m. he used most of the time just walking around and little clean up and now and then there will be a customer when he rents out movies and that he has done now for 2 to 3 years, and he hopes to have it open few more years. The main thing he likes is to have clean and neat in the store and the customer is satisfied. He usually put wages by diligence and efficiency, I think he is the most important.

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