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Subject: English , Reviews
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They begin to filming the movie in 1960 the name was director Alfred Hitchcock. They ho has the starring role was Vivian Leigh as Marion Crane and Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates Purple ice Marion's sister and Sam is Marian's boyfriend.The movie begin with Marion Crane chair $ 40,000 in cash. She took the car and drive like an criminal act When She finally come bates motel, She goes back to the motel and goat she's key and Norman box if she want some dinner and she say yes.
But at home Lila begin to worry a bit and she contact Sam and asked him if he had seen Marion Lately But he had not see she, and then a man walk in and he ask if the They need help Because he was a private detective and he fink That he could help them and of course they say yes.
When Norman went up to the house and brought some food, Marion heard some shout to Norman. After a little while Norman comewith food to her, and When She finished up her food she saidthat she was tired so she goes to her room. Before she goes to bed she take a shower, When She shows ice somebody coming and she cut with a knives and then she is dead.
The day after Marion had been killed the detective come to bates motel and ask him if Bates had seen the woman on the picture and bates say That he never had seen That woman and then the detective say good bay and goes away, When the detective goes to the car he seen somebody in the window on the house. He goes to a payphone and calls Lila and says That he goes back to the house. He tie in to the house and goes up for the stairs And when he is on the second floor somebody come behind him and he was killed.
When They Did not heard from the detective They was worried And they goes to the motel and check-in. later on the day they look back to the room and the boot check on the room one, They find a piece of paper That stood the $ 40,000 And they now that Marion has bin there. We most go back to the house sad Lila so they come up with a plan, Sam would detain Norman and Lila go up to the house. When Lila was in the house she start to search When She come down to the basement she saw a skeleton and she start to shout and behind her somebody com with a knives till I killed her but Sam beat down the person and do did they See that Norman dressed out to his mother. On the police station come the psychology and tell for them That Norman mother has takeoverclothing him and he will never be the same again.

I fink That the movie was very boring Because The movie was not my type.
The movie was black and with. I do not like detective story I'm like more comedy.
All the actors in the movie did a very good insets But a fink That the movie had a very bad area.
The director could have movie at much batter. But the movie was recorded in 1960 so the quality could not be much better.

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