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Subject: Psychology
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Study Unit 1

Psychology comes from f.Kr, it is messt of human and animal behavior and how to beteer with other people and how to behave and how to learn things from the birth notification until you die. . Psychology comes from Greece and psychology means the science and soul.

Psychology was a part of philosophy until Wilhelm Wundt built a laboratory in Leipzig to try to find the cause of human behavior.
Here, I'll write a bit about the people who are known in psychology.

1: Wilhelm Wund born on 16-8-1832 in Neckarau near Mannheim. He was Badde physiologist and psychologist, he was already as a child interested in researching the psychology. Wilhelm died 31-8-1920 in GroBbothen located in Tyskland.Wilhelm Wund was a German researcher in psychology and physiology.

2: Ivan Pavlov was born in 1849-09-14 in Ryazan located in Russland. He began experimenting on dogs in the 1900s, how it formed saliva in their mouth, and it came when you just presented food for them, so did their mouth forming saliva. He received the Nobel Prize in 1904 in Medicine, for his explanation of how the nerves control the pancreas.

3: John B Watson, born on 8-1-1878, followed by Ivan Pavlov's research. John's research was that it was a printed paper when you gave birth, and after that you can become the männika or creature that you willed bli.Han meant the most to the world is the environment that control the person to blir.Han published his ideas in in 1913, he saw it as a new way of conducting research on psychology. He was an American scientist who died 25-9-1958.

4 :. Sigmund Freud was born in Leipzeg in 1856, then he went to Vienna and began to study medicine, where the doctor, but he willed not really be a doctor but did it to get access to the natural sciences and he had a limited career in university because they will aid he was jud.Han first began analyzing sera itself on its undoms age and drömar and its reminders after his father died.
Then he started with other eg hypnosis and hot water. He analysste messt small children's sexuality, and what it betydes osv.Och many were attentive hot when he's theory was brought. He wrote a book called : D römtydning: in 1900, the same year he opened a a reception. In 1939 he moved to Austria close to Germany where he died in 1939, he still has a big role in almost everything that's about psychology sexuality and what we use daily as a tänksätt.Sigmund Freud was a German researcher in psychology.

5: Josef Breuer was born in Vienna in 1842-1-15, and he read to the doctor with Freud. He went out in 1867 in the medical training and began working as an assistant at the universitetet.han was an Austrian doctor and died 20-6-1925.

A Psychology

Sudieenhet 1
Psychological Perspectives
There are different psychological perspectives on how we think and do things that we do. You could say that is that if you do not feel good about something negative that affects a person, for example, that you are afraid of something, it can be a person that you are afraid or scared of the dark.
One can say that it is all about how you look at things such as one sees what one wants to see, how to deal with other people in different situationer.Och how to depend on the world and people who are nearby such as his family.

1: Biological perspective
Biological perspective, going out most of the legacy, how to develop, what they inherit from their parents and släkter.Wilhelm Wundt was one of those who worked on the biological perspektiv.Hittills the lodge psycho-biological researchers found no explanations for people's beteende.Från 1990s have biological perspektiver become strong in psychology, and it depends on them, brain research that has gjordt.

2: behavioral perspective
It's mostly about how we are governed from the outside, that it has lodge in learning processes when fodder to be betee itself as one does, for example when a child is hungry, then screams. it is the children's behavior after she / he is hungry and want food. and many behavior is already learned and psychiatric disorders may be due to improper inlärning.Behavioristiska perspektiver built on Pavlov's research and Watson's ideas from the beginning. It's surroundings and environment that makes us the human who we become.

3: Psychodynamic Perspective
It says that childhood is it that makes you beteer like it, and that it affects people's behavior and mental health in framtiden.Psykodynamiska perspective comes from Freud's teori.Freud theory was that there are always reasons for our behavior and the most we do not know about it.There may be desires.

4: perspective Humanistika
It says that human cross is a free being who can be able to make their own decisions and how we trade in different situationer.Att to trust himself and control his life as one vill.Men often hindered people's development of injustices. Abraham Maslow and Carl Roger was företrädaer of humanistic psychology and humanistika perspective started in the 1960s that tried to explain mänksligs behavior.

5: Cognitive Perspective
That's how people think, feel and you could say that it is the center of people's tänkande.Människors thinking is tied to self-perceived situationer.Man can say that it is man's ability to remember and learn new things, how to use their knowledge in their omvärld.Kognitiva perspective has become important for the mental störninga.den cognitive perspective began in the 1960s, Jean Piaget studied for normal people's thinking.

6: Social Psychological Perspectives
It can be said that it is about how to influence the groups, communities, how to set values ​​and how communication me other people and what standards they have. It is a way to see how to have it at home, and how parents affect barn.Man can become shy and afraid of things and ting.Det is different in different people to beteer differently in groups, standards.

7: Comment on
I feel that the behavioral perspective is coming to me.
I agree with Mr Watson's ideas and Pavlov's research, that it is an unwritten paper when fodder. It's the surroundings, the environment, communities and parents who influence us to become the people that you blir.T as I come from Kurdistan, I came HITT when I was little and my parents were big, so they did not change much, but I have changed much, I do not look at things the way they do, so I think that it is the environment and society makes you the person you become.
Social psychological perspective is also a bit close to me because we do not have the same behavior as the Swedes and communication, for example, if you see a Swedish friend then just say hello sometimes or how it is, but in my culture if you see someone who you feel should health the then asks you for all the family name by name how they feel so, and if I did not ask for the family then you will find that I'm not so good upbringing, my culture is completely ancestry fairly than the Swedish culture of

Study Unit 1

Research Methods

There are different methods to suit different situations teh all methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Research methods is to develop new knowledge that has different forms, for example.

1: Experiment

Psychological experiments do with animals and people, when they graduate their beteende.Det are these kinds of experiments to conduct and there are these kinds of as not genomför.Sedan you compare the results of both experimental engines.

Harry Harlow was born October 31, 1905 and died in 1981. He experimented in newborn monkeys, how they develop. he deprived monkeys from their mothers and isolate them. He willed not that the monkeys would have no contact with other monkeys or humans.

Solomon Asch`s experiment was to take rode on how much we affect other people and his experiments were of great significance for psykologin.Det is that kind of risk that their experiments can be dangerous, it can be so that you can not stop the experiment.

2: Observation

There are three common forms avObservation

> Naturalistic observation that studying humans and animals in their natural environment without trying to control the situation in any other way.

> Participant observation, it is performed in the group's natural environment, research subjects do not know about it, without going into the group as one of.

> Structured observation, doing research in a controlled environment such as a laboratory. It may be a child's belt to the mother. you can control what behaviors you want to examine.

Kurt Lewin and his associates willed to know how a group influence of their leader and had different leadership types in the group.

James and Joyce Robertson observed children from their parents to see if it would påvera. And they came to the impacted much more than they were acutely aware.

3: Testing

A psychological test is the measurement of human behavior, it may be in psychiatry to know if you have mental disorders. And it could also be that you answer questions.

purpose of the test is to measure identitet.Man can use the test for other goals too, not just through research.

4: Questionnaire and Interview

The questionnaire can learn human behavior with a written interview. And it does not take as much time as they graduate, and then assesses the researchers the answers they receive from the person they graduate.

When interviews tell their patients about their lives eg background and and by the answers that scientists must be assessed their behavior.

Through questionnaires and interviews can also be difficult to implement in a hell objective way and it can also come missförstånde.

5: Applied Psychology

It has much advantage of psykologi.En police know when a person behave ether as suspicious things and ting.En boss wants first interview a job applicant to find out whether the person is right for the job if it comes Funga with other groups or intervjue not by the person. One can say that a mother also uses a lot of psychology, for example, she knows when their child wants something or if children beteer itself dates back fairly than normal.
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