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Subject: Psychology
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1. When a person ends up in some kind of crisis (at death, amputation of limbs, illness, etc.) to undergo four different phases. The first is the shock phase. When you feel upset, despondent and you feel a strong denial. Attaches to confuse this with the movie "The Eye" sees clear similarities. When Lena gets death announcement, she becomes outraged and heartbroken and starts screaming and shaking. She may panic and forcing staff at a rescue boat out to look for Fröler even more. Although rescue workers in question had already given up hope. She did not believe it was true, and denies it happened. She did not want to leave the boat until they found him.
After the shock phase has subsided, you enter in the so-called reaction phase. That's when you embrace loss, announcement or whatever it is. You then get physical symptoms and do not eat, do not sleep and you may even end up in the abuse because they want to hide their anxiety. Lena is in this phase most in bed and do nothing. However, she goes to work a few times because she in her subconscious thinks she is perfectly healthy and be able to do it. But she does not. She begins to see hallucinating, optical illusions that prove to be Samuel Fröler testing her. She becomes a recluse and just want to be alone all the time. She does not want the help she offered to his friends.
The third stage is the processing phase where, just as it sounds, processes it has happened. It reflects on what happened and trying in this way to get over it. Lena begins in this case to smell Samuel's belongings. She then makes a number of things that let framing a photo of him so that she could look at him even though he is no longer alive. She requests a memorial service at the port and it's a sign that she wants to start living normally again. When one day she sits on a park bench and says "today feels like the nightmare let go" shows that she made it into the final phase, reorientation phase. Where one tries to not think about it all the time. She makes everyday chores like raking leaves. But since the end Lena in some kind permission again when Samuel returns. She has just learned to live without him, and over it so she pushes him into the water and then go in life. She goes in some charity work, and it is another kind of evidence that she wants to live a normal life again, although she did not have Samuel där.2. The first thing I think of when I hear the word stress is that you are short on time and need to do a lot within a certain time. But I think that what I and many others think in that case bustle. And it's completely different things. Stress need not just be about time. It can be stressed that it has great performance anxiety. It is often the kind of stress I know of. The school itself I think is a kind of stress. As soon as you have completed a task has already mound grown even more data to do. You may as well never peace. Many different end dates to keep track of sometimes there will be chaos in the head. Often, priority may be given away some things and then it is easy to not know what is "best" to remove. It is also a stress factor.
I think there is a connection between stress and burnout. I believe that many think far too much on the job and the money you earn to support themselves. You can not have work in the tanks around the clock for then it will still end up starting to work too much, which can lead to burnout. What if they could then have an activity one or two nights a week where you know that you can unplug the job? I think that the level of stress then fall a bit and that one can be a little calmer.
I can imagine that those working on the chords are a little tougher with stress management. I mean, they're constantly tied to the results you need to achieve. One lives then under a constant requirement to succeed.
Stress is not just in the job sector, but there are everywhere people are stressed. One thing that I think could reduce stress is that as soon as you feel that stress levels begin to rise, so put it on a disk with good music and sits or lies comfortably resting one hour.
Is there any difference in how men and women stress? Generally, I do not think there is any difference in the number of persons of the same sex who stress a lot. But some differences on how stress if you are man or woman, there is enough. I think that the difference is because men and women often respond differently from situation to situation and how to then grab it. If, for example to have a party and you should clean up much before the so believe me that women will do anything to get it as fine as possible and stressed the very end. The men on the other hand may feel that they can not be bothered to care so much about the cleanliness and just drag over the worst. But they are probably still left feeling that it is not enough clean and tidy and can get a bit stressed by it.
There is one thing that most of the time for women that can lead to stress. Many women, but also to some extent affected by male perfection. You can see models and celebrities who are "absolutely perfect" appearance and want to look like them. The body's appearance will then present how they want to feel as a person and it should be vice versa, I think. How do you get people to realize that everyone is of equal worth to be seen how you look like? Why should society be so fixed on that one should look good?
It is often women who take care of children and home, and I think that they can easily become stressed by it, there is so much to get done if you do it yourself. And it is often women who take home as their responsibility to care for.
Often it is enough men attending outdoor work. And where there is always much to do. I can take my dad as an example. It is usually he who stands for new projects. We built this house a few years ago and almost immediately after that we started to build a new patio and now is the renovation of the rooms that are on the schedule. All the time new projects to take care of. It has time and never enjoy the completed projects.
In the workplace, Team Tejbrant AB, I was on week 9, I felt no clear stressor. The only thing I would then be able to connect to stress, it is that the head of production constantly goes round and calls on the workers that they will be working when they are standing and chatting all the time. I think you should have time to take some small breaks every now and then. It's hard to stay focused at work several hours at a stretch. And to talk to each other just doing that the social mood piffas up a bit and it decreases the stress, rather than the increases.

3. Anxiety, phobias and various obsessions is a difficult subject to deal with, I think. It is highly topical and is so much to say about it. I think many are suffering from this. Anxiety encountered example of just going to school. It is not uncommon to classmates get anxious before the test. You so want to achieve a certain result but still feel that you do not have enough knowledge to achieve it. That in such cases, sit up half the night trying to plug in what one can not believe I'm not a good solution. When do you only himself more tired for the test. The solution I think is to spread out learning opportunities to several days instead of cramming everything last night. And ask the teachers if you can not, I think is a good idea. Most teachers are after all very accommodating and can explain in a good way.

There are an incredible number of different kinds of phobias. One can have phobia of heights, darkness, open spaces, etc. I have height phobia. It is also known as acrophobia and it means that I can not handle being at high altitudes, such as high diving boards, scaffolding, at the precipice etc. I know one who has dark phobia, nyctofobi. And when I pratad with her the other day, she said that it had become worse since she had heard of the murder of Englander. She could not go out in the woods alone anymore and imagining lot of terrible things when she would sleep.
Phobias come in different degrees and forms. Some are less sensitive than others and it can not be denied. There will always be things you are sensitive to.
Regarding obsessions, I think basically everyone at some point has had some kind of obsessive thoughts. We all have certain rituals in the morning, for example. If you do not do things in a certain order, it is believed that the day will go to hell. I believe we often confuse compulsions with superstition. Some can not go on so-called A-wells without getting any kind of anxiety. Others have to walk on the same side of the poles as their friends if they are to remain friends. Yes, this was just some of the things I have heard from classmates. And there are many more obsessions and compulsions than these. But it has real compulsions, therefore, that you suffer from them, then it is more serious. Then the thoughts interfere with everyday life altogether. It may mean that one loses their job, are late are often so on. If you have such thoughts and actions, so you should seek medical help for getting away from it. You then go through certain therapies to get rid of them.

4. I think everyone at some point in life have felt or feel different kinds of adversities in life. You feel generally miserable. Then you have probably ended up in some form of depression that can be very difficult to get out. I felt a while ago very sad day long and never seemed to get better. I went for years, thinking stupid thoughts about myself. These thoughts were very difficult to control and nearly killed me totally. In the end, began to wonder why they even exist on Earth. I felt simply mentally ill. Now it feels thank heavens that I have taken myself out of the situation. I never sought help for it and said it just to a few I know. And I think that made it even worse. To talk about things that feel pain can sometimes be the only solution. At first I thought not at all on it but now afterwards I know that it really helps to talk about problems with someone you know. I think that by talking about their feelings, you can prevent deep depressions.
When you are in a deep depression will often also suicidal, sometimes coarse and sometimes slight. Starting to get thoughts of suicide, it is time to seek professional help. Suicidal thoughts were also i sometimes and it helped me there was the thought of how many friends I had who would probably feel very bad if I committed suicide. Why should they have to suffer for not seeking help to get out of it?
Common symptoms of a depression that even I knew of the constant ledsand and depression, difficult to be happy and enjoy themselves by something one usually thinks is funny, irritation of everyone and everything, decreased self-esteem and you feel ISG useless, fatigue despite sleeping very much.
There are many factors that can cause depression. Many parents get married too early and the emotions cool down after a while when you may already have had time to acquire any children. It can make children very uncertain and difficult to contact only. In adolescence, it is very common with love relationships. It is very cozy and nice for some time. But how many of these youth relationships hold in the long run? You get along with anyone in season and out, and as many times crushers to someone's heart. This can start depression. I think you should wait with love relationships until you are ready for it. When is it then? Well, when you feel that this really is the right partner and him / her, I want to live with the rest of my life. But it is very difficult to be sure of it.
Are you growing up in a safe family environment, I believe that the risk of depression decreases considerably. When you learn to muddle through adversities in a better way.
Can then all suffer from depression? Yes, I think all of it can, regardless of age or gender. The risk of depression increases with age. My dad had for example a deep depression a few years ago. Insomnia and depressed mood were clear symptoms of it. Sickness drugs help made him healthier again. It may be worth pointing out that when you've got a depression, it is very easy to get to. Therefore, one should constantly be on guard.

Nathaniel Larsson

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