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Topic: Society
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What is the society we live in? Can anyone answer that question? It is not a day without thinking about it. Why can not go out without hearing people call each other for a lot of things, negro and Jew are the words you hear constant. Is there anything wrong with being dark skinned or have a different religion than what the other person has? I'm not normal because I'm dark-skinned and have a different religion than you? All these questions I ask can actually be produced with a single question, why is racism? Racism has been around a long time and it started already by the hatred of the dark-skinned people, when they were used as slaves or sold them to other countries as they had need of workers (slaves). They used them to their heaviest work and listened to them did not lead the ironing or were executed, food got them well maybe once a day (it was maybe a little bowl with some food in) when they worked hard day in and day out. They were not allowed to be around white people because the whites claimed that dark-skinned people were unclean, which everyone knows is not true. The dark-skinned had to fight for their lives, the lives of children and last but not least their rights. It also began with that at 1100 - and 1200's when the Jews lived in Gentile countries, began Christian attitude changed hostile to the Jews which also led to the foundation of racism that have been developed. The reason I told you about the history of racism is that you should know a little about the background too.

The reason why I really chose to write about racism is that I see how much there is of it, and how we treat each other. I write this also because I myself have experienced it or been there when people have printed when others. First of all, I'll tell you a bit about how quickly I began to dismiss racism and why I am against it when people talk a lot of things about dark-skinned or of other religions.
Before I moved to Sweden, I had never seen a dark-skinned person before but when I came here I saw a lot and sentenced them before I even got to know them. Time passed and I started going to the theater, the theater was all just about a girl (Hanin was her name) who was dark-skinned but was bullied by pupils in the school. One day when Hanin comes home, she asks her mother why she is different than the others, the mother answer and say you are not different you are just unique. When Hanin goes to bed so she dreams that she was white. In her dream she goes to different places but no one accepts her, they call her fake and say this is not for you. You are not as beautiful as you were when you were dark-skinned, you must be proud of who you are. Black or white does not matter but it's the inside that counts. When Hanin wake up in the morning, she is happy and proud to be dark-skinned and say it even to his mother. There, I realized that there is no difference between black and white people, where I realized that we are equal.

I think that racism is something that should disappear and that people should stop treating each other like that withered. All are equal regardless of color, religion or background. So that we treat each other, we will never get anywhere. Racism is one of the reasons that there are wars everywhere. I have been offended due to my religion but also from my origin. I do not understand why people have to each other so much. Dislikes to a person so you can keep it to yourself, no one needs to know it. It's not fun for us immigrants to become offended wherever we go, just because some immigrants destroy, can not you remember that there are actually Swedes that are worse than what we are. I understand that you are tired of it happening a lot of things but think about the positives of immigrants, there are a lot of cultures, a lot of different languages, and a lot of other things. You learn a lot from everyone, the more people you meet who are from different countries, have a different culture or a different religion. Those who dislike other religions should first of all read their sacred texts for all of them it says that you should love your neighbor, you are so faithful, why not follow his rules then? It's like Hitler, himself a Jew and dark-haired but still he was against them. Then one can ask the question, he hated himself, too?
Most people who have received the second is for the most fearful. How I look at it, so I can not come to any conclusion, I can not think of why there is discrimination, abuse and hatred.
I walk around and think what is wrong with me, my religion and my background but can not come up with the answer. Then I think, why was that woman and criticized me and pushed me because I'm Muslim? Is there anything wrong with being a Muslim? Yes, Islam requires quite a lot from one but it is well my problem if I intend to follow it, not her. Since I am thinking like this, I'm Albanian and proud but why should people complain? Let me get where I want, that's my problem and I can not help it if I've just come from there.
There are people who pulls all the same just because someone they know is not a good person. All of this can really be stopped if everyone cooperates and begin to accept each other for what they are and do not make demands on each other. Let each other be and respect each other, one can not do everything but everyone can take their own responsibility for how they behave or teach their children to behave or treat others. Every parent should teach their children from the beginning to once they've grown, it is a little late, you do not want to be blamed for that one never taught their children treat others as they want to be treated yourself. Everyone's dream is to live freely and be accepted by everyone, but that dream is crushed whenever we go out. We do not see and do not understand what the world and society we live in, we've got it just fine financially but in terms of the others, it is not as good. Therefore, I think we should be more careful about how we treat each other for the day may come when we need a helping hand, but if you do not have a how do you get help? Be more aware of how you treat it right next to you because you never know when you might need his / her help. My "message" to all of you is, were more attentive and open your eyes and listen more.

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