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Red Cross

Subject: English , History
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The Red Cross is an organization That Works for human aid. Their goal is to help people around the world from starvation and illness, it does not matter what kind of people it is. The founder of the
organization is / was Henry Dunant. It all Began at the battlefield in Solferino. It was the Swiss banks That testified the big chaos That prevailed at the field. Soldiers were lying everywhere. Some
were dead, but many of Them were just injured. Henry Gathered women from the countryside and helped all the injured soldiers. It was founded in 1859.The Red Cross has got 182 unions in the world, in 182 countries. Every country has got the same basic principles. Humanity, independence, impartiality, neutrality and voluntariness are some of Them.
The organization does not just help people from starvation They can overpriced help you even if you're just are alone or if you have been in an accident, for example. Whatever it is about, the Red Cross
will be there to help you.

The Red Cross organization has got about 280 000 members, only in Sweden! Just imagine how many there is in the Entire World.

The Swedish Red Cross is one of the oldest Red Cross association in the world. It was founded in 1865.

The international Red Cross committee has been starting a great help effort in Ethiopia. They are going to help over a hundred thousand people that have been hurt and damaged in the drought. There is no doubt about that there is a great starvation problems in the world. Ethiopia is one of the most Affected countries in The Entire World.

The newspaper article
"A tear falls down my cheek. Seeing All These children just kills me. How do they live? I would not live a day in These Circumstances, no way.
When you are at home, you never think of These somethings. You're very distressed to have every thing that you need, around you. When I get home I will never take anything for granted, ever again.

I see kids wearing no clothes and Their bodies are made of just bone and skin. I wish I could take everyone home with me, so That They could see how it feels to live the way we do. Imagine how happy They would ask!

As I walk down the street, well, it's not really a street. It's more like hell. I swear, it's like hell. Anyway, as I walk down the "street" I react on one specific thing. There is A LOT of Children That are alone. They have not got parents, friends or anything. God, it's horrible to see.

Ethiopia, where I am right now, is a very poor country. But you've probably Noticed That already.

But now it is time for me to continue my journey trough this enormously fascinating country.
I'll see you when i get home. Well, that depends .. Maybe I'll just stay here to take care of all the sick and dying children. I feel so sorry for Them.

Well, got to go, see you when i get back home! "

The situation

Ethiopia is a very poor country. And the drought that was in the end of the year 2002 left behind some serious problems to the people. A lot of people died and many lost their Families and friends. They peple in Ethiopia die When They are very young. The average-age is 17.3 years. And That is a very young age Compared to Sweden, where the average-age is around 65 years.
As you see, it's a big difference.

It's the drought That is one of the big Reasons for this extreme strvationproblems, there are overpriced financial problems. The country is avery poor country. Because of the drought have not They got any grain or anything to exort so That They could get some money to Their people.

The organization Red Cross has helped a lot of people to make through this situation. Imagine, 10 swedish crones, can feed a whole family for a week in Ethiopia. So instead of buing candy after school, why do not you Consider it first? Imagine a little girl That doing now? Eaten for a week, how happy she would ask for like 5 english crones. It's true.

Up here, theres a picture of a mother with her son. Just look how skinny he is!
My stomach hurts when i see pictures like this, it really does.

I have thought about this how The Red Cross could help theese people. Honestly, it's not easy. It really is not. And as an organization, They can not do it by Them self. That's why we have to step in and help Them. If everyone in countries like Sweden would giveaway like 10 crones per month, it would definitely help theese kids and adults to live a better life.

The background

So why did i choose to work with this, then? Simple. It's one of the most interesting coutries in the world, I think. I can not say the country is beutiful, Because after all the pictures I've seen, it honestly looks horrible. But people are living there and They are doing everthing They can to survive. And That can not be easy in a country like Ethiopia. I choosed to write about the big starvationproblems, Which I think everybody knows is a tremendous problem in this country.
I hope everyone remembers what I wrote breading; think about the people in Ethiopia, think about where your money goes, it can be worth a lot to another human being.

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