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The rain forest, a threatened forest

The rainforest is one of the world's largest ecosystem situated as a wide belt around the equator. Rainforests are found mainly in Central America, the Caribbean, the northern half of South America, Central Africa and Southeast Asia. Rainforests have high annual rainfall and high temperatures around 30 degrees. The characteristics of the rainforest is that it is extremely rich in species both in terms of plants and animals. Approximately two-thirds of all the animals and plants on earth live in the rainforests. For example, the small country of Panama in Central America has as much plants throughout Europe. Scientists believe that there are several million plants, insects and microorganisms are still undiscovered.
There are many reasons why the forest is cut down, for example, slash and burn agriculture, timber terminal and plantations. Slash and burn farming accounts for about half of the loss of the rain forest and is primarily due to overpopulation, poverty, and competition among the farmers. We are the people of Europe and the US which uses most of the earth's resources and consume most of the rain forest assets.
Originally covered approximately 12% of the Earth's surface by rain forest. About half of the rainforest has today become extinct. Researchers estimate that there are cut down about 10 000 square meters of rainforest every second. It is as much as two football plans. Every day lost an area larger than the entire city of New York. It gets every year 150 000 square kilometers of rainforest. If the rainforest continues devastated at the current rate, it will be extinct within 100 years. This is completely absurd. We must do something to save our rainforests.
I think everyone should be involved in saving rainforests and it's still not too late even if it will take a very long time to restore the rain forest as it once was.
There are many ways to save the rainforest. We can avoid buying such as palm oil and large "non-organic" bananas.
We can avoid purchasing wood products that are of such tiek or mahogany. There are many organizations that protect rainforests such as "Friends of the Earth." We can support their work by donating money. There are also opportunities to buy a small part of a rain forest which therefore can not be cut down.
But the most important thing to rainforest must be maintained is that the farmers have to live in harmony with the rainforest as the Indians have done for thousands of years. I think the farmers should be supported so that they can grow to slash and burn farming is not a threat for regnskogen.Många people believe it is the rainforest which provide us with most of the oxygen in it is actually wrong (fortunately). It is the plankton in the ocean that do.
Much of the food we eat comes from the beginning of the rainforest such as bananas and coffee beans, and much of the medicine we use also comes from the rainforest.
Logging is another serious problem that also affects the Earth's climate. Deforestation accounts for about 19% of the greenhouse effect. This upsets the Earth's heat balance and climate change as it gets warmer.
Many of our birds settling in the rain forest in the winter.

Now it is time for the people to decide. Do we benefit ourselves by continuing to chop down the rainforest and get cheap raw materials like banana and palm oil. Or do we benefit the animals, the environment, the economy and ourselves by by letting this paradise exist? We already have the benefit of hindsight and have started to see what has started to happen on earth. Now is the time to choose and for me the choice is clear.

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  1. Olav on March 22, 2012 at 10:32 pm #

    Hey I have a question. I am about to do a school project about the rainforest and I wonder, Why grow the rainforest where it does. Is it the heat that heats the surrounding water, which then evaporates and rises. There, it cools down and releases the water and it starts to rain. Am I right. I really need to know the cause.


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