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Roald Dahl

• One of UK's most popular author of children's books, a party of the World War 11, with Norwegian parents and he's The Only One I Know Who hates his own birthday, Roald Dahl. He served in the World War 11 and had his breakthrough When he was reassigned to Washington DC A writer from The Saturday Post wanted to interview Roald Because of all the action in the war but it ended up with notes That Roald send to Forester - the reporter of the magazine - Which later on was published as a story called "A Piece of A Cake "After That, his career had started.Roald wrote his first book for children in 1943" The Gremlins "With that book he and the President Franlin Roosevelt Became good friends, just because the wife of the president read the story to her grandchildren and it developed into a huge sucess.
• When Roald Returned from the war, he must've been very happy that was alive. I mean, it was a pretty big war and not many survived. In would've been proud of myself for a good effort. I think one of his biggest experience was When his daughter Olivia was born, He made up different stories each night and if he shouldn't have any childrens at all, he probably wouldn't be an author. And to sit with a child each night and describe all you can imagine, release the fantasy and make a child enjoy. That wouldn't warm a heart? Well at least I think so. Some happymoments excellant Also ask When he got all the awards for his books, he must think That all the work was worth the wear and of course he must have been happy.
• Roald's father died When Roald was about four years old and one of his five childrens Olivia overpriced died. Sounds like a rather depressed time for him. He worried alot about beeing bald and maybe he had some problems with alcohol Because he thought he dregs too much whiskey and wine in the evenings. That could have been a rough time bouth for him and his childrens. Or I know how it feels to have a relationship to an alcoholic, it's rather like hell.

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