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Robinsonad - Fanstasiön

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The time is around seven in the morning. Out on the sidewalk walking or rather running Jönköpingbor stressed that going to work, tired
dog owners walk their dogs and retired early birds are out and Nordic walking. When these Jönköpingbor walk past apartment house
8A so check them oddly upward toward the second floor, where lives 23-year-old cashier Maja Bengtsson and 27-year-old AT doctor
Erik Sansdal.

"But what the hell they are not my fault," cried Erik.
"But stop, do not you?" Maja Sobs hysterically.
"No, I do not. You always take everything so seriously, take it for what it is instead. "
"But it's easy for you and say that just go and ask your father about the money!"
"No, Maja so ..." He walked closer to her to try to comfort but it was useless.
"Quiet!" She felt so frustrated and sad, that he never could understand and give way.
"But Maja ..."
"Quiet, I never want to see you!"
Toot, toot! Erik quickly look out the window. It is John who has come. Erik grabbing quickly ate his suitcase.
"Now you will not have me, I'm going now," he says cold, leaving her completely trembling with anger standing in the middle of
hall floor, sweet as sugar, and wet with tears. He runs down the stairs and out through those big round port.
"Hey! Shall I help you? "
"Well, no it's fine." Erik unpack their things and then sits in the car. John starts the car and they drive off. He is equally
happy as usual but with a twinge of excitement of what they had in front of him.
Throughout the two months could Erik and Johan travel around the world to mountain climb. To their dream would come true so
had they been allowed to work over several hours. Erik who has a father who is the CEO of Ericsson did not rip as hard
like John, but he had been working as much as he could, anyway. The guys were colleagues at Jönköping hospital, they had known
each other as long as they could remember. But now, finally, they would do it they loved the most, the airport and the mountains!
They had gone nearly two hours of silence now, and the atmosphere was not right on top as it should. Erik sat leaning against the seat belt
and stared out the window as he had done throughout the car ride so far, he thought of Maja. John glanced at the now
bleak but otherwise happy Erik, then he said, "No, now you get to take and snatch you up. Either you tell me what has
happened or you are actually taking and look up the cheerful mien. " Erik decided to take the latter option, he was not so
much to talk about their feelings.
He turned on the radio and straightened up some 80's channel. Direct began singing with Johan and Erik hung on shortly thereafter.
Some time later, they arrived at the airport and after an hour they sat on the plane, ready to take off. Erik felt that it began
pressing in the ears, he began intensely chew tougher on the gum he had in his mouth, kiddies screamed louder. Now began
the stop leaning so much upward and Erik glanced at John and breathed out. Shortly after calm had settled began
plane tilt downward. The passengers looked anxiously around, the plane would actually sit down? Planet leaned more and more, people must
stay in the seats so as not to fall head over heels, but after a while it was only the strong who managed to remain. People who were in
a big pile at the bottom of the pilot door, some injured and the rest completely unable to get up or do anything about the situation. Plane
rushed faster and faster down. John and Erik were pressed against one corner.
"If I die ..." John began, then came a big crash and the whole plane overturned. Those who were still alive were
filled with fear and continued to remain a while in the plane. Suddenly, an old man, maybe 60-year-old tipped Erik.
The old man went downhill around the crowds and made their way to the door, he opened it and stepped out. Erik and Johan as we considered this a
team rather sober decided to hang on to the old man.
The ground was bone dry and the sun beat down. It was full of large beautiful trees and colorful flowers, birds chirped sweet, sea
Lightning was still and beautiful glittered like a diamond, they were on an island.
"What's beautiful! "Exclaimed John who had not noticed when Erik went off towards the planet's glowing for.
Erik's gaze sailed around for the old man, in the end, he saw two feet and a bit of the two legs sticking out under the plane's front lace.
Erik hesitated but then slipped away from John in the direction of the plane and the old man.
"Ah!" The old man jumped when Erik came.
"Oh sorry, it was not mean to scare you," apologized Erik.
"The apology is accepted ... but now I want you to take and listen to this," the old man pointed to the plane. Erik put his ear against the
hot plate and listened intently then he turned to the old man, staring into his eyes.
"Kkkommer the Ex ... plodera do you think?" Staggered Erik forward
"I do not know, said the old man uncertain ... But we have to get them out of others."
Erik and the old man was just about to enter through the door of the aircraft when John shouted at them to get there. "Look what I've found,"
Johan said and held out his hand against Erik and the old man. In his hand was a tiny turtle.
"How has it been able to come here, we can not be so very far from the airport and where there is hardly turtles"
Erik said questioningly.
"Nah, I do not know, it's weird," said Johan.
"Well we can philosophize about it later, now we have to get out from the other planet," said the old man with an authoritative voice.
"Why," asked Johan
"Quiet!" Hissed the old man. There was dead silence except for the plane that hummad mysteriously a little while and then went up in a big
explosion. The three survivors could not bring himself to move or say anything. In the midst of their shock and sadness fell as the small
turtle on his back and gave a so cute and strange sound that the guys could not hold back a little laugh.
"We have to go into the plane and check if there is someone alive," said the old man solemnly
"No one could have survived the explosion," said Johan gloomy
"No, but we have to check if that," said the old man.
"Okay let's do this, one goes in and checks and the other two must be outside ready to help." "Who goes in?"
asked Erik.
"I can," replied the old man.
"Good," said Erik and John in the running.
As expected, no one was alive and the three survivors had now divided the chores. Beacon which was the main
did not think of them so far as the plane burned. What remained then was to fix some kind of shelters for the night and
the obvious to find something to eat. Food was No. 1 as Johan and Erik went off into the big rich woods to look. Before
went into the forest, they had found a large pile of some weird light green Baota leaves. They were as big as one and a half A4 paper.
They had prompt initiation that they could have great use of them to build a shelter. There was a great place to leeward rather
close to the beach as they would have to camp. The leaves, however, was a bit off at some rocks and it was pretty tedious to get
there so it would take a while to download them.
While Erik and Johan were looking for food so fetched the old man so much leaves and branches to the shelter as his body would allow.
The old man was not so long and he had a slight beer belly like most 60 year olds. One can not directly say that he had the best
fitness but he was stubborn as an old goat.
"Haha!" Laughed Eric and John. They had found a tree full of coconuts.
"Asså vá is this strange place" "First Tortoise and now coconuts" asked Erik.
"Yeah, right, and we can not be so very far from the airport."
"I think we should explore the island a bit tomorrow. The island is perhaps close enough to the mainland that we can swim or build a raft to
go ashore with. "
"Yes, I think that we should, but came now so get some grub," said John cheerfully.
The guys filled his arms with so much coconut that would fit. Suddenly there was a sound of someone moving in the dense
dark brown bushes a few feet away. John and Erika jumped and dropped the coconuts that fell to the hard-packed
forest land with a thud. There came a new sound, it felt more threatening this time.
"Ahhh! Mommy help! "Shouted Erik and Johan worst kids asses and started to run away towards the beach as
"Why do you shout so likewise?" Asked the old man when they came to the beach.
"They huh something scary beast in the bushes," explained Erik
"The beast screamed terribly and threatening, it did not sound human", filled in Johan.
"Haha, that think I do not give a damn for," chuckled the old man ... "you're just trying to scare me."
"No it's true," protested John
"We promise," said Erik
"Well, did you get any food then?"
"No, we lost all the coconuts we were so scared," said Johan.
"Well then you may well go get them then," sighed the old man.
"Not on your life! Are you crazy! "Exclaimed Erik and Johan into one.
"Ok then I'll do it, where is it?"
"Approximately ½ mile west of here, I would think," said Erik.
"Ok, see you soon then," said the old man and left.
The old man was a real Skogsmulle and quickly found the coconuts. But now we had a problem, the old man could not get with
enough with just your arms, how would he solve this now then. Well, the way he was, he made a bundle by using pine boughs
he bands together with sharp and long grass strip, he got to watch out so he does not cut himself. It was a very mysterious forest,
while it was a typical Swedish forest so there were huge towering palm trees with coconuts and tropical trees with large
leaves. The sun was still and the ground was bone dry. Anyway, the old man coconuts in the so-called bundle and so he began
go back to Erik and Johan. In the scorching heat of the old man became tired and stopped under a tree in the shade to rest. Something red dripped down suddenly on the old man's feet, he looked at his thumb where he had an ulcer in the past but it was completely dry and nice. One more drop of blood came and yet another one, the tempo between each drop increased. The old man looked up, but could see nothing. Now he began
get a little scared, maybe there was a beast a while. No, it can not be said to himself, but that rejection did not
long for a scary moo human-like sounds but still not shouted from the top tree. The old man quickly grabbed hold of the coconut bundle and
started running for his life against the shore. He was so frightened that he dared not look back or even stopping to catch my breath.
When the old man came back, he said he now believed them about the beast and so ate them up coconuts in silence so that they
could hear if there was any. No sound was heard and no one came, it had started to get dark and they now sat in his newly built house.
"Think they will beast here ..." said John "... and eat us" filled jack-in.
"Think we'll never get home, then I will never see Maja again, it was the last thing I said to her that she does not see
Me. Oh how could I be so stupid? "Exclaimed Erik desperately.
"Of course we come home, we must, because I refuse to be left with that beast," said the old man
"Well, tomorrow we are building a raft or something so we get home," said Johan
The next morning they started thinking. They thought and thought and thought. About 4 hours later, the three men arrived at the
perfect way to get home. So here was the plan: Make a raft with two giant long rope so that Johan and Erik could heave the old man
if it was crisis. The waves were big at this point and because they thought that they were not so far from the mainland so they needed to completely
can not take a chance on releasing the raft free. Before the old man left, they had found a large snail that could blow really loud noises
in, so in the case that the old man saw a boat or something, they were just for him to blow into the cochlea and hope that someone heard. While
the old man was out on the raft so used Erik and Johan his klätteregenskaper and climbed the tall trees, and put up all possible
startling in the treetops.
Johan and Erik sat and watched the ropes to the raft when they saw a large boat that stood and hooted in the water. They had been found.
Johan and Erik laughed and cheered, danced and hugged each other, Erik was even a little kiss on the cheek but then
where the slightly embarrassing and started behaving again. But it was hardly the way to escape all their faces shone with joy
to be found.
When they arrived at the marina so it was health care professional crisis manager and clear, but they were not needed guys were completely
okay. When the guys went by boat became them assaulted by the press but Erik who went by boat finally did not care about them. It
All he saw was Maja. He walked up to her who threw herself into his arms and cried.
"I thought you were dead and I was so stupid, sorry, sorry," sobbed Maja.
"Shh, I'm here now and do not worry about it, I was at least as stupid as you."
Erik and Maja lived happily ever after. Johan and the old man became celebrities and had to go to galas and live life lovely
They had been on the island for three long days. The beast they said not a peep about anyone, they were not really sure if it was
reality or if they had only imagined and they did not want to risk his marriage or celebrity.

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