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Rose blossoms

Subject: Swedish
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-Nina, you can pass the salt? asked Rose-friendly.
Nina was a 27-year-old woman with nyfärgat blond hair, and also Albert's sister sent salt and smiled mediocre, with their perfect red lips.
No, now I'll go and sign some papers that Albert asked me to do. Tough it is, if one is getting any pay at all this month! said Albert's secretary John and pulled his hand into his brown straight hair.
John caught a bit, looking at Nina's direction but came back to reality and went into the house, past Lydia Guild, the maid who stood and made a sour brulé to today efterrätt.-Yes, as you are together now? asked Nina and took a bite of roast beef.
-Yes, you could say or how Rose? wondered Roses boyfriend Clarke who was also Albert's brother.
-Yes, absolutely. It is we, Nina!
Rose thought it was so strange, she had been with the family Chaimton before. Quite a few times actually. Nina could easily figure out that they were together?
Nina got up from the brown wicker chair and took a deep breath.
-Should I ask for a little more pepper, steak is a bit tasteless, right? said Nina a little sudden.
-Ehh, yes you can do it! Clarke replied, rather surprised.

-Send out some pepper to the couple, Lydia! said Nina, waving her blond hair back and forth and continued to go out to the hall.
-Yes ma'am, I'll do that right away! Lydia took out the pepper mill and stepped out onto the porch where Rose and Clarke sat.
-Thank you Lydia, you are so good at cooking! said Rose who felt a little guilty that Lydia had to struggle so much with the food in them.
The maid went back inside and continued with sour brulén which was almost completely golden brown of the sugar.

The nyduschade Cyria who was Albert's wife swept by in his red robe.
Lydia caught a glimpse of the red robe and asked:
-Will you not eat Cyria?
Cyria shook his head and kept walking.
She was thinking too much on the figure, thought Lydia and continued with sour brulén and sugar.

Nina came out and now had a bit thicker and warmer sweater, which was probably from something even more expensive brand.
-Is not cream brulén ready soon? you must of course wait for this year! complained Nina.
-Here it comes! said Rose cheerfully and heard the steps from the kitchen brighter and brighter.
-Ha! That was where John the Baptist! exclaimed Nina, and threw in yet another fake smile on the red lips.
-There was much to write! said John, and stomped on the porch.

Now came the dessert, it made perfect crème brulén took place on the brown wooden table.
-Go ahead, brulé cream for dessert!
-Thank you, Lydia! Clarke said, and took a spoon and tasted.
-Ahhh, help! could be heard from upstairs and everyone was completely silent.
Rose saw the fear in everyone's eyes. What was it that happened? She stood up and began trotting up the stairs to the second floor. The others came after. When Rose was up so she could see Cyria with a towel in one hand and tears in his eyes. It was Albert who was on the floor, dead. Albert, who was Cyrias husband, Nina's brother, Clarke's brother, John, manager, Lydia's head and Roses future brother in law. He was dead. It could not understand Rose.
He was almost as old as Clarke! What if Clark would also die prematurely? What would she do then? She glimpsed a little red in the minds of Albert.
-Nobody move your body! exclaimed Rose with her knowledge of cases like this, because she was a homicide detective. What if there was a murder?

The day after the police had come for the body and agreed with Rose that she would deal with the case and report if anything happened, so she understood what had actually happened. It could be that she had a killer around them. She really needed to sort this out! She began to interview the most suspicious: Cyria.
- How is it that you were the one who found the body Cyria? Rose asked with an attempt to ordinary voice.
- I went up to get the hair dryer and then he was there, dead. I can not say any more, because there was no more! replied Cyria with a little irritated but still sad voice.
-Okay, I do not need to know more. Thanks for your time!
Cyria got up and went out into the hall with those brown shiny corkscrew are.
Rose thought about it: Was it Cyria who murdered Albert? Or could it be her own boyfriend? Or Nina? Or John? Could it be Lydia? Or what if there was a murder at all? There were so many to choose from! But now she came: Nina said she did John sit and write, Lydia had seen Nina get out of his room, and Rose had seen both Clarke and Nina at the luncheon. It must have been Cyria! Yes! She had studied her first case! Cyria murdered Albert to make his fortune! Rose decided to talk about everything and tell the truth at the dinner table as her secret idol, Poirot, always do.

Cyria wiggled in his chair a little impatiently, and cried out to the kitchen:
-When is dinner? I'm getting hungry!
-About 15 minutes, max! cried Lydia Clarke, who helped with the food.
-No, I think I take a shower Rose, I feel a little unattractive! excuse me.

Typically, what if Cyria not have time for dinner and I can not reveal her today? Rose thought, and began to fiddle around a bit on the light. It would be great if Nina and John, also was at the table, then it would be much more fun to tell the truth, when there were more people listening spirit.
Rose shouted,
-John, dinner is ready soon, will you?
-Oh yeah, I write. Nina is here with his French. She exercises. We'll be right!
Clarke came and sat down at the Rose and looked at her with those beautiful green eyes.
-Did you come up with anything yet, Rose? Clarke asked curiously.
Now hörsdes just tap to drain from the kitchen.
-I think it, it started of course with Albert ...
Lydia shouted from the kitchen:
-Now, once food is ready, is Cyria back?
-No, I can go and see if she is ready! said Rose, rising.
She went out through the archway to the hall, knocked on the bathroom door and asked:
-Are you ready soon Cyria? The dinner is ready at any second!
No one answered. Rose felt the door, it was unlocked. She stepped into the navy-furnished bathroom. There was Cyria, death. She lay on the white fluffy carpet that was placed out of the shower. She only had a towel over it. The purple blood had dyed off on the white carpet. All came running to the bathroom opening. So it was not Cyria that killed Albert. It was so safe for a few hours ago.

Rose closed her eyes and began to think:
Okay, Lydia, John and Nina, the three suspects. She needed to address this as quickly as possible, otherwise they would suddenly someone else be murdered.

-John! Could I borrow a pen from you, I have to write a report.
-Sure, there's plenty inside on my desk!
-Or, wait!? småskrek John.
-No, it was nothing, I was thinking about something completely different!
Rose smiled and went into the room. She had never been in John's room earlier. The room was a bed, a large, robust read-out in dark wood. Moreover, it was dark in the room, dark light, but still lots of windows. The room was also a large Persian rug. Behind the desk at the back wall was also a brown wardrobe. It was not closed properly. Rose closed the door and took a pen out of the cup which stood on the table.

-Lydia, could I borrow some salt.
-Ehm, yes you can, 'said Lydia with a slight grimace.
-Thanks, I've spilled red wine on my white dress.
Rose opened some cabinets until she found the spice cabinet. She took the salt and moved on in the investigation.

Hey Nina, you have a matching lipstick for this shirt?
-Oh yeah, it is in your makeup bag to the right of the light on the dressing table. said Nina, and hung up one of his terrible fake-smiles.
-Good, thanks!
Rose stepped into the beige rummmet, this room was very'' deluxe "than John the room. In the room she had a double bed which was in a light beige with golden patterns. Opposite the bed, it was a gorgeous dressing table with mirror and everything. She was looking in your makeup bag and got hold of lipstick. Then she went out and closed the door quietly behind him.

All sat bewildered at the table. Now, Rose tell the truth. But what if she were wrong?
She took a deep breath and began:
-Yes, now Mrs. Cyria Chaimton also been murdered.
-At first I thought she was the one who murdered Albert, it may be you also understand. If he died, the Cyria get his entire fortune. But then she died Mrs. Chaimton also, who would it be? Earlier today I asked about things from those who could have done these horrible murders. The last thing that I asked for one thing was Nina.
Nina looked terrified, but still a smile, she got up. It could have been you, Nina, for it was, after all, lipstick on Cyrias fingers.
- But I was with John ...
-No'' but "now, Nina!
-And you, Lydia. You asked me all about the salt.
Lydia's eyes widened.
-You could have also killed the two poor things! But I will not take up the evidence now.
-John, you asked me about the pen, do you remember?
-Ehm, yes! said John, a little puzzled.
-I went into your little corner to pick up the pen. I surveyed the room, I saw the closet door was open.
John looked a little frightened.
Rose continued:
-It was a bit strange what I found there, a wig!
John stood up and shouted:
-How can you even mention that I am a murderer!

-It is not to say John, try and calm you down. said Rose with a rare calm and confident voice. It sounded almost like she had been morduttredare for years.
Now I come to my whole theory. I'll tell you right from the start until now. I think it was this:
When Nina, Clarke, John and I sat at the lunch table, the day when Albert died, was Cyria the shower, and maid, Lydia in the kitchen and made creme brulé. John left the table to write some papers that Albert asked of Him. Soon after, also gave Nina the table to get a warmer shirt to wear. Lydia told me that she saw Mrs. Chaimton come out of the shower, Lydia asked goes without saying if she wanted to have some food but Cyria said no and kept walking. Later, Nina, and then John again down to the porch, and dessert. Then found Albert's death upon his office and everyone thinks it is Cyria who murdered her own husband. Then the next day, at dinner, I'd tell you everything, but nobody was there and wanted Cyria ducha. So then I waited until everyone was settled, but that moment never came! For a murder came between them, then it Cyria who have died, and now all here and now thing I can tell who did what.
Both Nina and John has an alibi for the murders. I noticed it, it could be an interaction? And Lydia, she has not seen, except for me. I saw her at the two occasions in the kitchen, so she was innocent!
Nina and John turned and looked at each other.
-When John left the table, he would not write, it was a complete lie! He would kill Albert Chaimton. Now comes the wig into the picture, he went into his room and put on his wig, he sneaked into the bathroom where Cyria showered, took the red robe and walked by Lydia. John wanted Lydia to see him, because she then would tell me that she had seen Cyria go by!
-Now, that's it! How can you accuse me of ...
Rose did not care about John, outrage, and continued:
Nina would go in and get a thicker shirt, she did of course. But in fact it was not the reason she went inside. She would give John the alibi. And then gave the all Nina alibi, Lydia saw Nina go into his room, and both I and Clarke saw her at lunch. So when John was finished with the murder so he put his robe back into the bathroom to Cyria, and threw the wig in the closet. Nina came out to the porch where she had put on a sweater, and'' låtdsades "having seen John sit and write. Since there might be a little suspicious that both Nina and John came out at the same time as John waited to come out. So then it was a murder done in the two lovebirds.
-Oh, sorry, love birds? Lydia asked, wonderingly.
Yeah, have you not noticed? They're in love, I've noticed since I came here for the first time! That's why they helped each other with an alibi.
-Nina öpnnade mouth and declared:
Yeah, maybe we are in love, but have not we killed anyone!
-The second murder then, Rose? asked Clarke.
-Well, the second murder. Mrs. Nina killed Chaimton! When I was waiting for Cyria would come back to the dinner table so I called out to John who said he and Nina had come to his room. But in fact it was only John who was there, John and Nina had probably heard when Cyria said she'd take a shower. Nina took the chance to murder Mrs. Chaimton. When Cyria was dead and Nina had slipped in and out of John's room, they asked Lydia if Cyria was at the table. Since she had not come so I went and looked to see if she had showered clear, and there she was, dead. I must say you are very talented actor, John and Nina. So I was right that there was an interaction, after all!
-But what was the motive for them to kill domm this beautiful human shoes? Lydia wondered sadly.
-They wanted money, Albert's money. Nina's not working, and John may not be such a good salary. I would guess that they had assumed that no one would deal with these cases because it was so far out in the country and I think they had no idea I was this smart to sort out crime! I would also guess that they might flee the country, to Fran Rike perhaps, Nina reads, after all, French? Rose said happily.
-Congratulations, all right 20 out of 20! said John angrily.
John and Nina stood up.
-Where are you may I ask? said Lydia.
John stepped back, looked at Nina. Nina took the signal and the two began to run. Lydia Clarke, and stood up.
-No, let them run, they can not get away! said Rose calmly.
Clarke went to a window and threw away the curtain.
-Yes, Lydia. Look at this!
Rose, Lydia Clarke, and examined carefully all the black-clothed policemen walked around the house and inspected. When a police car was Nina and John, with his hands in the air.
-I reported that I would do this and wanted to have some backup in case they tried to escape. Rose said with a smile.
-Congratulations, Rose. Your first case is solved! Clarke said, hugging her.
With Clarke's arms around her, she remembered something. She and Clarke would have Albert's fortune now. She had not even thought of!
-Clarke! We'll probably get the money now, right?
-Yes, it must be well!
-We do not need all that money! said Rose.
-No, we will give away a part? asked Clarke spontaneously.
-It sounds like a good idea. said Rose calmly.
Rose was delighted, she felt almost like a real detective!

Roses manager Tom Bagely congratulated his employees:
- Rose, congratulations!
- Thank you, Mr. Bagely!
I could not do it better myself! I want you to be my assistant chief investigator, I befodrar you!
Rose was shocked, she had not worked so long on this job. This was the second best day of her life. The best day was when she met Clarke ....
Sofia Ouchterlony

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