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Lord of the boy who wanted to discover Stockholm

Topic: Society
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There was a time long, long ago a family who lived alone in the countryside. They were very poor and their clothes were completely destroyed and resembled only a few rags were taken from soptippen.Familjen consisted of an old, beat-dad who was working out on a field all day and a mother who washed clothes in very dirty water and cooked food every day. They also had a son who helped both his mother and father with a lot of different jobs. His name was
Gate and was only 10 years old and worked like an animal all day, year round.

When he helped his father, it could be to collect piles of hay, mend cracks in the ceiling of their house, chopping wood in the forest and bring everything back to the cottage or to help with the plow in the field. He could help her mother to clean the house, cook, wash clothes in the dirty water from a stream that ran past the house.

They lived in a small cabin that resembled a hovel but it was just big enough that it would fit with three beds, a small kitchen and a small table where the family sat and ate food every day.

A hot summer had Thor had enough of all the work and toil, so he packed his important things and took some bread from the kitchen, when not his mother saw and walked away from his mother and father and his house, he had had enough. He would run away from home.

When he had gone for several hours, so he felt he was hungry as a wolf, so he sat down on the dirty ground and ate the good bread, which he had taken from his mother's kitchen. Just when he was finished, he saw a horse with carriage come rolling from the direction he had come from. He also saw a man sitting on the cart and held the reins.

When the man arrived at the Gate, he said:

- Hey, what's a little boy here in the middle of nowhere?

- I have run away from home because I can not be bothered with all the toil at home. I do not want one of those boring life that my grandparents had, and my parents are now - working in a field all day or wash clothes and cook. I would much rather in and see the giant city, Stockholm.

- Well, you do, but you know what? Indeed, I am on the way to Stockholm and you must be tired after having gone so far, so you can take a nap on the small piece of hay as I have back here in the carriage.

- Thousand thanks! How can I ever thank you, Mr ...? said Thor and jumped up on the cart and corrected the hay so he could sleep well.

- Olof Svensson, but call me just Olof, please.

- Okay, you can wake me up when we get there, so it would be good.

- Sure, said Olof.

A few minutes later said Olof:

- By the way, I forgot to ask, what's your name anyway?

When he noticed that he got no response, he turned around and saw that Thor slept. Then Olof smiled and thought: what a nice little boy, sleeping soundly as a bear in hibernation.

When they arrived at Stockholm Olof could not bring Thor, how much he tried. He looked so exhausted and tired as he lifted him out of the carriage and put him gently in the soft, green grass inside the city park and let him sleep.

After many hours of sound sleep, he was awakened by someone shaking him a little loose, and said:

- Hey, wake up, wake up!

Tor opened his eyes and saw that it was a girl of his own age who stood and stared at him with eyes as blue as the sea.

- Who are you? asked Tor.

- My name is Victoria. Who are you? said the girl.

- My name is Tor ...

- Yeah, but why are you here and sleeping in those dirty clothes then?

- It's because I come from a dirty and poor family, so I have and can not afford to have another me.

- But what are you doing here in Stockholm then?

- I have run away from home because I want to experience something new instead of working every day with my mom and dad.

- How did you get here? If you work every day, you have to stay out in the countryside, or?

- Yeah, but I got a lift by a man named Olof Svensson, and he would wake me when we came here, but he apparently did not. Now I have no food and no place to live or to sleep. Furthermore, I am alone and poor as a church mouse.

- Hmm, I know. You can sleep with me. We could ask my dad, 'said Victoria.

- Is it safe?

- Obvious. Come on, let's go!

They had only gone for about five minutes before they came to a very large house, that lay in the middle of Stockholm. They stayed.

- I live here, said Victoria cheerfully.

- Wow! You live truly in this big house? Said Tor surprised but happy.

- Yep! But it also lives a different person. Can you guess who?

- Um, no, I can not think of any.

- The king lives here, of course. I'm his daughter!

- No, you mean it. Are you the king's daughter?

- I know I know. Not so much talk now. You have to have a bath, and nowhere to stay.

Victoria grabbed Thor's hand and dragged him toward the great castle. Victoria knocked on the door and after a while a man came and opened.

- Good evening, Victoria, come in, but you, young gentleman, you must stay out.

- No, Erik, you can not! said Victoria and stopped the butler from closing the back door.

- He is my friend and he is hungry and needs to have a bath.

- Well, okay then. Come in, come just in time for lunch, so Erik and let Tor.

- Come on, let's go and bathe you, 'said Victoria.

A few hours later, sitting Tor with new, clean clothes around a large table with how much food anywhere. He had never seen so much food in her entire life! It felt as if he had come to the kingdom of heaven. Around the table sat himself king, his wife Queen Victoria and Tor. Tor had to pinch my arm hard to understand that the whole thing was not a dream. Tor ate as if he had not been fed for several months.

- My daughter Victoria said, your name is Tor, is that correct? asked the King, when Thor was chock full and satisfied.

- Yes, I called Tor.

- Would you like to live here with my daughter, my wife and me? Then you would fulfill my greatest wish ever.

- Do you mean it? What is it desires? said Thor and lit up with a smile like the sun.

- You see, after my daughter was born, I wanted also happy to have a son, but it was unfortunately never happened. So I wonder, now, if you would like to be my son, and be living here and thus stay in Stockholm? Could you do that for me, Tor?

- I am very happy, said Tor.

- But then you promise me that you will be kind to Victoria and take care of your homework now, you should also go to school to learn to read and write. Wise, you become like an owl.

- I promise I'll be kind to everyone and everything and definitely look after my homework in the best way.

- As well, I'm proud of you, 'said the King.

Tor had a private room that was almost twice as large as his old cabin in the great castle, and he played with his new sister every day. All around him was very cheerful, kind and friendly towards the new member of the royal family.

Thor was additionally happy as a lark when he got a better and happier life because he had run away from home. But what happened to his mother and father - yes they thought King shame if they had to move to Stockholm and stay in a nice spacious house that was not so far from the castle.

Thor's mother found work in the castle as head chef while his father had to work as garden manager in the royal family's garden. They lived happy together for the rest of their lives.
Snipp, snapper, cop - as was the end of the story!

Henrik Hauervig-Jorgensen

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