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Subject: Biology, Animals
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How much does not mean that the little dog or cat comes up to you when you come home from work / school, it's one of those moments that make life worth living.

However, a non pet owners understand this phenomenon?

Some people believe they certainly understand the other denies it totally, the truth in my eyes is that only those who have had an animal for a long time and have seen the little life growing up and growing old and then finally seen the "walk" away from a can understand how much an animal can mean for one.
Ok, now I will not say that's a small parakeet or a small rat can mean so very much, but it can certainly for those who have these animals (I myself do not have these animals so I can not really speak about it) .
But you who have not had an animal (and with real pet, I mean dog or cat) so I advise you to get it if you can because it is an experience and a must, something like a third family member.
For that is exactly what it is, a new familemedlem.

To understand what I mean by that one must experience the animal's death, I shall try to give an explanation.
When I was about 3-4 years so hadde "we" a cat that we hadde adopted, the cat was from the beginning both the timid and ill. It slept on our oil boiler out of a small house on the plot. Dad hadde apparently known about it for a pretty good while but did not say anything to me. But one day when I was sitting on a staircase next to the old hall door, I saw a cat that came along, it was black and quite lean and hadde white coverings on the belly and paws, I shouted to my father that there was a cat there, and the kjelade with me. Mom and Dad looked at and Dad went and bought food to it. I do not remember so much more but since then the cat that lived with us.
The swelling was not the kjeligaste cat but it hadde no chance against one five-year-old arms that wanted to pet it and who was not afraid of being clawed. But the cat and I were very good friends (at least I thought so) and it stayed.
However kattaskrället managed the feat of "going away" on my fourteenth birthday.
The cat knew more about me than anyone else, and the secrets he shared with me he took with him to the grave.
Kännslan when you came home after school was intolerable, the emptiness, the silence and to not see someone who hadde eaten out of a bowl.
It is probably the worst of acquiring pets, knowing that one day they will not be there anymore. That was the one thought of when we would get new cats.

The animal can mean infinitely from männsika to männsika, for me as eg it would that injured someone of my cats do not live long, it may sound a bit drasktiskt and presumptuous, but I hadde probably done reached very stupid if anyone hadde example kicked on someone of my cats so that it died, and without much hesitation.
And I've heard others who would do the same thing if someone would make their animals badly and then I can not see anyone anywhere scam in their faces.
It is as it says in the article ********** "it's a family member."
And the other side, I would probably not kill someone if they would beat my mother or father, but if someone hadde killed somebody of my cats so I do not know what I hadde done (bath subject).
What I'm getting at is that mum and dad would probably do a lot if not everything to defend his small animals.

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