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Schindler List

Subject: Biographies , History , War
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Oskar Schindler has been from the very beginning, no interest in trying to rescue some Jews. He is a member of the German Nazi party and the only thing that interests him is to follow Hitler's laws but also do good business and make lots of money. He is a very ambitious and greedy person so he does own labor movement and operates a factory with Itzak Stern. Once he selects the Jews who he wants to be workers for him, so he does not understand that he really helps those from the otherwise grim fate that awaits the. They're going to the concentration camps, the gas chambers and gassed with poison cyanide B.

Schindler's factory is going very well and he makes more money than he will ever be able to use throughout their lives. His workers come up to him and other Jews and says he is a good man, because if they do not have jobs where they would have been dead by now. This may Schindler to start thinking a little more on what happens with the Jews is not right.

He begins by spraying water with a hose on the cars with the Jews to be brought to a concentration camp a very hot day when they're about to die of heat stroke. Amon Goeth is one of those people who laughs when he thinks Schindler's crazy giving the Jews hope to the end, but he does not care about.

He stands on a mountain and sees a ghetto that the Germans are about to destroy. Of all people, Jews will go a lonely girl with red jacket. Schindler sees how lonely she tries to hide from being murdered by the Nazis and no one can help her. Later, he saw the same girl in the red coat dead on a trolley that would be taken to the crematorium where she was burned. It makes him even more to realize that what is happening is not fair and that he should do something.

What finally gets Oskar Schindler to decide on at all costs to save the Jews when he learns that Itzak Stern soon be brought to a concentration camp. Stern means a lot to Schindler, for it is He who has made his works available to get started and start making money. They have become good friends and Schindler would probably do anything for Stern. He no longer wants to Jews subjected to the fate that awaits those in the gas chambers and then begins with Stern make a list of hundreds of Jews which he will try to buy the Amon Goeth before being taken to the camps. To Goeth he says that on the list are all the workers he wants a hand grenade factory and succeed then bribe him to sell the Jews. He gives Goeth all the money he earned at his factory and Stern realizes that Schindler not doing this for his own interest in making money, but to save as many Jews as possible.

There is a line between being a man and a murderer, and that is that if one performs his duty and kill someone, they follow the laws that it is forced to in order to keep his life and protect his family, so it is considered more as a victim than a killer. You can kill someone in self-defense and not called killer man fighting for his own life. And as it was under Hitler's power, and they tried to help a Jew would still someone else kill the. One would thus putting his own life at stake, because if Hitler would find out that you tried to save a Jew then it was known that the man was dead.

Murderers, however, such as in cold blood can kill someone without getting an order for it and then do not feel compassion for the person or feel guilty afterwards. If you kill someone without a direct cause, or you might have a reason, such as jealousy, betrayal and so on, is also a murderer.

You're a man if you stand up for what you did and did not blame away from themselves all the others, and then you should be able to admit that you have sinned. No man on earth has been around who have not erred, therefore, can all be transformed from killer to man, only to realize that they had sinned and then to repent.

It's not too late to turn from accomplices to helper if you just can still help some Jews, even if only a few left of them. One can not come after they have already been destroyed and it's all over and say then, that you actually wanted to help the Jews but for the entire Jewish Holocaust just stood and watched as they were beaten, shot, and the like. You may find yourself killing Jews and then want to suddenly all to see one as a hero, which is now too late. Therefore, I believe that you can be a hero if you try to ignore everything that has to do with money and risk their lives and their loved ones in order to save a people who have been unfairly treated. Only there's nothing left to save and you save it, you become a hero. It's also always good to do good deeds even though it may come a bit late.

Amon Goeth and Evil

Amon Goeth is a person who wants to have power over others, and he must never feel guilty no matter what he does. He is an evil man who murders people for the fun of it, not because he has to. He thinks he has power over others when he shoots or mistreat those, then they did something that he dislikes. The reason why he's shooting people is also because he knows they still die, so then do not do it that much difference if he was going to shoot a useless worker sitting alone instead of working. I understand why he can put people in that way, it was because it all went very quickly. They did not understand that what happened was wrong and it was very difficult to influence anything. It was about as hyperinflation in Germany in 1923, the money fell at a record pace down in value and it was printed ever new banknotes. You could not really understand what happened, just like that. Even the French Revolution was very fast, but the difference was that those who triggered the revolution were those who saw and felt that the feudal system was unfair, where the king had power over all. While in Germany it was the Jews' annihilation that went incredibly fast. Would it be just like the French Revolution, it would be the Jews who rebelled against the German Nazis, as it was not in this case.

No one except Schindler may have control over him or make him think before he does something stupid. Goeth listening to everything that Oskar Schindler says he and follows when his advice. Schindler says that power is not to kill people who do wrong, power is to have every right to kill, but do not do it, but instead pardon them and let the fear of one instead. So he does just as Schindler says pardons and a woman who makes a mistake, even though he really wanted to kill her. If you just kill the one who does something wrong, you get nothing out of that person, because he is dead, but pardons man he then you have control over the person and hence power. So Goeth see Schindler as a very smart person it is easy to negotiate with, they are also very good friends and both care deeply about both their opinions about everything.

He has good relationships with the other high-ranking military officers, but his closest friend is still Schindler, and it is he who controls the second most. He seems a bit spoiled when he gets a villa which according to him is not a house, but just an ordinary house. Otherwise, there's nothing that gets him into conflict with the other officierarna, they are all very good at working.

What interests Goeth very much money, for money while also giving him power. He is very childish with his mistress and did not care at all about what she thinks, but does what he wants when he's around her. But he also has a weakness and that is the Jewish housekeeper Helen. He loves her so much that he does not want to let Schindler buy her for her to work for him, even if it would save her life. He does not want to separate from her, to be far from her. What he most of all want to do is to escape with her, but he knows that this is impossible if he wants to continue to have the power he now has. Therefore, beat him and beat her, because he wants her to behave well so that he can be proud of her. Goeth want her to work for Schindler and do it so well, in order to escape being abducted to a concentration camp.

Schindler says that the war dig up the evil within people but Amon Goeth is not only bad, but a little sick in the head because he was so cold blooded to shoot a man. I do not think he deep down is as bad as he seems. It's Hitler's power that has brainwashed him and he can no longer control himself, so I understand all his cruel behavior, too. Amon looks very lonely, he has no family, is unlucky in love so he comforted himself enough to kill people and be evil. He thinks he's doing something good for Germany and it makes him feel more alive and that he really means something to someone. Goeth makes Hitler a great service, and he does not care so much about other people (Jews), because they are as most Germans worth less and they must be eradicated.

Amon Goeth seems to be difficult to show their emotions and when he does it is becoming just wrong. Actually, he's not as strong as he looks to be, yet he manages to almost always get everything their own way, just as he wants it. He would never admit that he is wrong and the other right for that person who in his opinion is worth less than him, such as a Jew, in any context. Therefore, he kills the Jewish woman, a trained engineer, who tries to get the others to build a house from start to otherwise raging it all together. Then he follows her orders anyway when she is already dead, because he knows that the woman was right. Goeths example is Hitler and it sees when he is to be executed, for the last thing he says is just "Heil Hitler."

Schindler tries to belittle Goeths evil face Itzak Stern when he explains to Goeth live under great pressure when he is in a very difficult position as head of a concentration camp. Goeth really do think that he has a very boring job and also he is in love with a jew maid, which is prohibited. Schindler takes Goeth in defense when he points out that it is the war that brings out the evil in man. You can never get the good, but only evil, war or similar circumstances. Schindler probably think Amon Goeth would have been a pretty nice person if they were not for the war. Schindler also said that Schindler is a lovely man who loved to live well and make money, and that he can not enjoy killing people.

Evil is not something you are born with directly. All children are innocent and they could not have sinned. But I think everyone has a good and an evil side within himself, and that one can choose one of them. So those who are evil now has chosen the evil side and those who are good took the other side. Also, I think one can be angry by social context and by their own parents. I think myself that it is the parents who most often and most can influence their children in most contexts. If you grow up with bad circumstances, where parents treat an unfair or just the wrong way, so you begin to hate come out of one. As you get bigger you might better understand everything that you experienced during childhood and decides to get revenge. But man revenge not only on those who treated a person wrong, it pushes out all his anger on others too. In this way, all look a like a bad person and that makes you thus according them a bad person, even though you might like Goeth not uniformly bad. But even a good man has no evil or black side, which may not be visible, but it will sooner or later be apparently.

Oskar Schindler and Amon Goeth have many similarities, such as they are both members of the German Nazi party and they love to make money. They seem to be good friends, and both are very greedy and ambitious, at least in the beginning of the film. They think only of themselves most of the time and do not care so much about what others have to think and say. Both have probably grown up in the same, and lives now in almost identical circumstances. That they are different is that Schindler is more like a businessman who helps industries in Germany and has less important role in the Nazi party than Goeth. Schindler thinks that all people should be treated equally and do not care about, for example, is a Jew. He does nothing to help Jews are murdered and gassed to death. He cares more about how he will get more money and that he will become famous, everyone should remember his name after his death. Goeth do not like at all to work for the state, but he does it anyway. He has a position in the Nazi party, where he is head of a whole concentration camp and will try to do good business with others. The main difference between the two is that Schindler later "switching sides." Schindler wants to help the Jews from the cruel fate that they otherwise would not be able to avoid without him. He does not think money has any value at all if you do not do something good with them. When he was at the end is forced to flee because he betrayed his country, so he realizes that he could have saved at least one to life. Only if he gave the car to Amon Goeth, he would get maybe ten Jews. But he did not give the car as he bursts into tears when he thinks he has made so little from him. He could save more than a thousand Jews he saved, but he did not. He admits that he's been damn greedy and understand that what the German people did was wrong. Amon Goeth however, would never be able to recognize or even understand what he is doing is wrong. Goeth also find it difficult to show their feelings, which Schindler not have a problem with. Schindler is a very open man and says what he thinks, though if he does not always think quite right.

Oskar Schindler and Amon Goeth converses during a time of power. Goeth says that power is when you have control over a person and you have control when you kill the person. He also believes that people fear when a man has the power to kill.

Schindler disagree. He begins to explain to someone executes a person, thus committing a crime, that the person made a mistake. When it feels right, and even better if it is you who must execute the person. You think you have power, but really it is justice, which is not the same thing. Power is when you have every right to kill one, but fail to do so.

The relationship between Schindler and Goeth's a pretty strong friendship, they are very loyal to each other. Without any money that Schindler has, he would not be able to bribe or get Goeth so interested in doing some business with him. If Goeth can not agree with Schindler, he no great labor, and then he can not make money. Their relationship becomes strong when they talk about the power of which they understand each other much better. Schindler understand why Goeth kill others, while Goeth realizes how smart Schindler's. Schindler is the only person Goeth can talk about their feelings, he loves a jew woman. Goeth knows that he can confide Schindler and know that it is safe to talk about anything with Schindler. Schindler defends Goeth and do not see him as an evil man.

Despite his power ports Goeth often at a disadvantage against Schindler when he tries to be just like Schindler says it should be. Goeth follow his example about that with power and pardon a woman who, he committed a crime. He feels that he has the power and pardons even another who made a mistake, but shoots him then because he just can not manage to do it. There, Goeth inferior because he is trying to be something he is not and he can not resist not to kill people. It is Goeths weak side and he can not help it. He's just not himself when he did not shoot Jews who do not or have made a mistake. In addition, Schindler much smarter than Goeth and can persuade and outwit others, just as he does with Goeth.

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