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Subject: English , Geography
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The first rightful ruler of Scotland was Kenneth I in 843. Before this, Scotland was ruled by the Cristrian Church and the clans.
The word Clan is Gaelic and means family.
Scotland, enjoying an area of ​​79,000 square kilometers and about 5.2 million inhabitants.
The weather in Scotland thwart ice cold and rainy. The summer is much like the winter, cold and rainy. So if you go to Scotland to remember'll have warm clothes with you.
Scotland, enjoying an very changing landscape with highlands with mountains up to 1500 meters high. The coast line is the opposite of the Highlands, it's very flat.
On theese flat shores The Scots Practise Their national sport, Golf ..
Scotland'll have the oldest golf courses in the world-even the If the chineese claim to'll have invented the game first. The most famous golf course is the St. Andrews Course on the east coast about 50 kilometers northeast of the Edinburough.
Edinburough Is the Scottish city for the wealthier people, Edinburough HAS about 500,000 Citizens. The biggest city in Scotland is Glasgow.It HAS about 1 million Citizens. Glasgow is Considered To Be The Workers city, it is very dirty Because of all the coal mines and coal-powered power plants That surrounds the city. Many of the Citizens of Glasgow works in the coal mines outside the city. In the countryside most of the people work with cattle. The most common cattle in Scotland is the sheep. They Walk Where They want so it's quite dangerous to drive a car in Scotland Because You find a sheep on the road every 500 meters.
The Scots Also have a very bad habit, just like the Russians havetheir Vodka, the Scots havetheir Whiskey. The word whiskey is celtic and means the "water of life". There are two kinds of scotch whiskey: Malt and Grain, The Scots drink bothering in large quatities. This Might Be The Answer To Why The Scots havetheir red noses.
But the most famous thing in Scotland must ask the bagpipe. This Old Instruments That we think sound false, was distressed by the clan leaders to Prove Their status. This instument ice thwart Used with a special type of clothing, the Kilt. The kilt is a sort of skirt but only but wear it. The kilt is Different each clan. Each clan drew Their on cloth to make Their kilts of this cloth is called Tartan.
Scotland is under Brittish rule but Scotland havetheir own flag.
Scotland's flag is a white St. Andrew's cross on a blue background

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