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Simple Plan

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The singer Pierre Bouvier and drummer Chuck Comeau was only 13 years of standard school boys when they started their first band called "Reset". Reset was a punk band, and released their first debut album in 1997 and toured throughout Canada. But both guys quit the band to continue studying, they also acquired new friends. But Chuck did not want to give up her music career, so he started another band together with their new friends Jeff Stinco and Sebastien Lefebvre. But the band was without a vocalist and bass. Chuck had not forgotten Pierre and immediately asked him if he wanted to be their new lead singer. They also asked the old member of Reset, David Desrosiers, who plays bass. They both answered "yes", so now was simply Simple Plan was born.

The band

Simple Plan are coming from Canada, and have been lucky.
They have managed to make two albums, and the first album called "No Pads, No Helmets ... Just Balls." The second album they've made is called "Still Not Getting Any". Their new album is called MTV Hard Rock Live. Simple Plan has toured with many bands, including Green Day. They have been in Sweden twice 20 / 2-05 and 22 / 6-05 and will Fryshuset in Stockholm on 25 / 1-06 again.
The bath has been featured in a film called "New York Minute" where they recorded a video for a song that they made exclusively for the film. It's called "vacation"
They have released several million records, worldwide.
In Canada, they have been voted the country's most popular team. They are friends with, among other things, Good Charlotte and Sum41

I think..

..if Simple Plan for their ability to pitcher to do so that the audience sings along, though they have never heard the song. There is no better music than theirs! The songs that they write is easily understandable, but meaningful .. The best song they've done is "Wellcome to my Life"

Band members

Pierre Bouvier Charles "Chuck" Comeau

Singer of the band, Born 9 May 1979. Playing drums, born September 17.
Like sushi, playing Tony Hawk also likes sushi, playing hockey
and the beach. and Los Angeles.

David Desrosiers Sebastien "SEB" Lefebvre

Bass player and background vocalist. Plays guitar and background singers.
He is born on 29 August 1980. He was born June 5, 1981
He thinks apparently also sushi (That He loves Fajitas, fantasy video games
seems to be someone flail Sushi fever and Disney World.
The band ?!), to record and to be Nitendo
in Hawaii.


Jeff Stinco
Plays guitar and was born August 22, 1978
He likes Italian food, playing Britany Spears
video games, and he would hels like to live in southern France license
or Sidney in Australia

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