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To fly the JAS 39 Gripen are not many people who get in reality. You must be a certain length, have good temperament, etc., so it is difficult to become a pilot. Therefore, there are flight simulators to the computers where you get to feel what it is to fly a real plane. But there are also other simulators to computers that racing games, battle simulators, robotic simulators and many more. Simulator games is to get as close to reality as possible, except in the future simulator game.
In flight simulators, you fly an airplane, usually a fighter but also passenger planes. You want to get as close to reality as you can just in these games, for example, with air holes and very difficult landings. The disadvantage with some flight simulators is that the commands are difficult to learn due to the large number. Some good flight simulators is the "Flight Simulator" series where you'll be flying passenger aircraft. Within fighter plane simulators is the "Falcon 4.0" and "F10" which are good examples of combat aircraft simulators. But as I said there are a lot of command that must be before it gets really fun to play as it must be determined that you should learn a flight simulator before getting ahead of the game. There are also flight simulators based on the "Star Wars" films and isn't-bad either but the best game in my own view is enough, "the X-wing Vs T-figther" because it is easy to handle and feel.
Driving rally is great fun but it costs a lot of money and that alternatives can you run car racing. Some games simulate reality very well and others do not. In those simulates reality it is often difficult to drive the car. Such is the "Colin MacRae" which has an incredible feel and closer to real rally can probably not come. Another great game in the same class are "Sega Rally". Furthermore, there are games that are not reality-based, such as "Motorhead", which is easier to play.
I know many hardcore car racing players who do not think that fictional car racing in which cars or vehicles hovering eg "Starwars podracer" is interesting. Another fictitious car racing's "Grand Theft Auto" in which you play a madman soul cars, shoot down people on the street, walk cops forth. This is insanely fun and it probably depends on what you do in "Grand Theft Auto" will you can not do in real life. Finally, the "Carmageddon" mentioned as a madness game where you drive a race in the town center with various strange cars, amidst All beings who do not always move. When running over people it will just mincemeat of them; complete madness but oh so fun.
A battle simulator is a simulator in which you play a soldier that will carry out special assignments such as the US Army. You usually participates in some form of special strength, for example an American navy-sealsoldat. These games are often based on real. Where are you running in a group or alone and perform tasks such as, for example, eliminate a terrorist base in Iraq, or ensure that a crashed US aircraft are eliminated and the like. This category of simulators is not very old because it is usually built in spectacular 3D environments, which they have not been able to program very long. It started with the game "Spec Ops" and this game was revolutionary with its cool graphics and the way to play that made this quite popular. In recent years there has been more and more combat simulators but myself I do not think there have been a game that has been better than "Spec Ops", possibly to a game called "Delta Force 3" but that does not have the same feeling.
The robot simulators or mechsimulatorer as it is called in the "gamer" stuff, trample you around in a 5 - 10 meters tall robot with a lot of weapons and leading a group of about four robots (mechs, hence slanget mechsimulatorer) against other robots. The team that kills the other team's robots first wins. You can also perform tasks such as destroying a specific building guarded by motståndarrobotar. Just as in a flight simulator games are quite a few commands, you have to be but still not as many. Game Series "Mech Warrior" 1-4 is a good example of a mechsimulator. It is one of my favorite games.

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