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Sir Henry Morton Stanley

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John Rowland

HM Stanley was named John Rowlands and was from Wales. He was born in 1841 as the son of the city byhora. Five years later, when his grandfather died, he was handed over to an orphanage for almost nothing. In the orphanage so he learned the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, but he was also sexually abused by the older boys there. Both sexual exploitation and the head teacher at the orphanage was a tyrant and had just beaten half to death to him, it was that caused him to escape from there. He sought his grandfather for help but he did not know of him.

But he found a cousin instead which was the principal of a school and he hired John as a teacher. But where he worked not last long, within a year he moved to his uncle in Liverpool where there were very strict rules. After taking a lot of odd jobs, including as a butcher, so he took a job at a sailing ship that was to New Orleans. In New Orleans he met a good businessman named Henry Morton Stanley who adopted John as her son. He trained young John so later he started working in a general store in Arkansas. Shortly after it died businessman. When John decided to take the businessman's name. John Rowlands became Henry Morton Stanley.

Henry Morton Stanley

When the Civil War broke out in as first thought is not the Stanley enlist but after his girlfriend sent women's clothing (women's clothing to send to someone means that that person is a coward) to him so he enlisted. He was captured and after that he decided to change sides. After about a month, he became classified as cowardly and ill-positioned so they sent him home. In 1862 he was back in Liverpool but then he was poor and his clothes were torn and he was sick. He would have died had it not been for a friendly family who took care of him took care of him. But shortly after he was healed, he was back up and running. During his time in the United States Navy, he wrote his first article he sent in and he got lucky and got a job at the newspaper Missouri Democrat.

On the Missouri Democrat and other newspapers as Stanley participated in many expeditions to write reserepotage from other countries. In October 1869 was Stanley in Madrid and he received a telegram from Mr. Gordon Bennett. In it, it was that Mr. Gordon Bennett wanted to Stanley would come to Paris.


Dr. David Livingstone studied theology and medicine. 1840 when he had studied clearly he went to Africa as a missionary, but he fought the disease and slavery. During his first trip to Africa, he discovered Ngamisjön and Victoria Falls,

plus he explored the Zambezi River. He made a few more trips to Africa and discovered more things. During sinsista trip he would try to find sources of the Nile. But then he disappeared and was gone in five years.

"Doctor Livingstone I presume"

When Stanley arrived in Paris told Mr. Gordon that Stanley had been commissioned to find Livingstone who had been missing for five years. Stanley assembled a large expedition was divided into five smaller groups. The expedition started in Zanzibar in March 1871. He had heard that they had seen a white man near Ujuji that lay about 750 English mil into the country.

The expedition was subjected to many stresses during his 200 days long journey. Stanley got malaria, dysentery, suffering from famine. Everyone who was in the expedition got to experience floods, various epidemics, drought and famine. At the end of the journey so had two-thirds of the expedition carrier abandoned the expedition or dead.

On November 10, 1971 came the Stanley finally reached Ujiji. The agitation over Stanley's arrival meant that a large crowd gathered. A very old and sick man was helped through the crowd toward Stanley. Stanley took off his helmet, stretched out his hand and said: "Doctor Livingstone, I presume."

Stanley and Livingstone became friends quickly. Stanley decided to stay with Livingstone to try to complete his mission. From the beginning he thought to go straight back to New York and tell you about the successful expedition. But he stayed with Livingstone for a year. Then he went back to New York where he wrote the book "How I found Livingstone". It was easy for him to remember everything that happened because he had written a diary throughout the expedition.

After Livingstone

1873 died Livingstone. Stanley then decided to continue Livingstone's unfinished expedition. So a year after Livingstone's death, Stanley had gathered together a new expedition. They took the same route that Livingstone had gone. His work in Africa helped to Belgium colonized Congo. Stanley's last trip went to the Egyptian Sudan, to rid the governor of Equatoria.

1895 Stanley became a member of the English Parliament. He was then knighted in 1899. His last years of his life he spent on his large estate near Pirbright in Surrey. He died in in 1904.

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