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Subject: Psychology
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Soul feeling a kind of platform for your life, it is the people we meet and when we make our choices.
Self-esteem = who you are
Confidence = what I do
Do you have a strong sense of self, you get a good self-confidence, but today it is more common to have a good self esteem but a lower self-esteem, it shows most clearly when the person encounters adversity.
With a good sense of self, you can control your life wherever you want! It does so that you can really control your life in the direction you want. You get the power and courage of yourself. If it is strong, you can speak up long before something gets out of hand and instead try to control it. When you stand for what you are, you "play" not for someone else's ideals.
Today's youth
A good example is today's youth, many are unsure of themselves because of their appearance and other people's comments and actions, then a failure to take very hard.
Very many ask themselves at some point the question, who am I really? Many may not answer the question until they are adults, it indicates poor self-esteem, however, many of these have a good confidence in the meantime.
Do you have a good self esteem you feel an inner security, you feel strong in who you are!
If all the young people had good self esteem they would know that they are unique and designed differently, then everyone would stand for who we really are.I think everyone would benefit from having self-esteem as one of the compulsory basic studies in early school years, learning them to know themselves, to respect their peers. Often, the self-knowledge of their parents, how they show their love for the children is important. Do they need to do things to feel valued or can they get to feel valuable as they are? If they have a good sense of self, they understand that they are important for their loved they feel needed. When they understand that they can influence their lives. One thing that's important to start early with the group work. Then you have to make sure that everyone gets to be in the group. Then they feel important and understand that they belong with each other.
Another important thing is to start early with goals, feel many. Both big goals and short term. Since it's important to let kids dream, but at the same time teach them to appreciate what they have and teach them to show gratitude. Dare to say thanks.
If this would be a compulsory subject, I believe that many would become stronger individuals and many more would bet that go out throughout high school, more people would understand the importance of studying and wanting to become something. More entrepreneurs would come and society would function better in all respects.

Can you buy self-esteem?

If you build a false sense of security around you by buying you happiness and respect, is hardly in the long run. Firstly, you are not who you really are, but you adapt to all others, self-esteem is something you have to look and slowly build up by finding yourself, and set goals for who you want to be and how you want to be appreciated.
Many see today down on their own self-esteem while they and instead admire others for what they have and you lack. Instead appreciate who you are.
Enjoying herself
It is not always so easy to think about yourself and you must be able to forgive yourself and try to put things right that have had a part in. it is also important to be able to forgive themselves and others.
If you have a poor self-esteem becomes worse by holding firmly in negative beliefs about yourself, if you take in all the negative criticism and go and think of everything that you do that is bad it only gets worse. Thought instead of what you've done for good things and how you can do you will be better at it going less well.
Many people who have low self-esteem has inter alia sleep problems or often feel stressed and anxious when they are passive and do not have anything to do. It is currently far too few that grabs the problem and therefore it is today many people are sick and burnt out.
If you have a strong sense of self, you are open to new things, like to be involved, and organizing and helping others. But above all, do you feel as you are and enjoy meeting new and exciting people.
Increase your self-esteem
Want to boost your self esteem, you need to take a chance and take risks. You may need to change your view of yourself. You can take in all the negative criticism and either shit in it, or are you trying to turn it into a positive criticism, what have I learned from this and what can I do better next time?
One thing that works is that each night stand before the mirror and ask yourself: what did I do well today, what am I thankful for. These calls are getting better each time you do them and it is important to continue and get routine on them. Then when you stayed in a while when you have a stronger sense of self, ask yourself what you did so well today and how you can make it better or how to act next time. It's your life it's about, you control the boat and decide whatever port you must anchor in, sure there will be obstacles along the way but with a strong sense of self you can manage them better.

Tips to improve everyday

One thing that you can start with is to be honest, do you think that your friend has a nice sweater so say it! Spontaneously. Then notice the person that you really mean it, and while it feels better appreciate it you. But lie never

One thing that many may have problems is that they do not have time to stop and reflect. They are so engrossed in their careers that they run until they are completely exhausted mentally, many often say that they have run into the wall. It is important even when it floats on who best to be able to stop and check to see if your priority right, am I doing this for myself or for others. You must be able to say NO! Otherwise it is very easy to please and just running errands for others but you really want to do things that you prioritize more.
Many, I included using "man" when I really mean I, for example, you should take and ..... Instead it is better to say I should take and?? Many say this is not to promote self-righteous or egotistical. But you have to balance it, to use yourself when you're talking about things that you want to change.
One thing that is important is to see what I've done for good. Acknowledge yourself, then you will grow rapidly as a man, and partly because you like about yourself and feel comfortable in it, it inspires often for more good deeds, which makes you grow even more and becoming more and more popular for the DU is .

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