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Sugar Arches

Topic: Physics
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How I made my vault?

First, I made two pillars with four lumps of sugar each. Then I cut sugar pieces on one side, so that they became wedged. First one would make about 10 pieces, and perhaps by chance, some of them resemble each other. For it would make par. But you had to adjust a little. Many, also, I tried to make the sugar couples directly, but it was not so good. One cut more and more, and sugar pieces was very small. This meant that the vault was small. Sugar number five would be thickest, number four narrower etc.

Until they came to the center stone would grind on both sides. I glued them together and let them dry, but people broke vaults. My broke down twice. Then I glued the sugar cubes in the bottom of the stones, one front and one rear. So that it would stand firmly. I board have been pressed into pieces more, the arches the back stack stones up a few millimeters. We took turns wiping tables. It was fun, but a bit tough. I think I should be a little more effective and show more respect to the work, next time. The bad thing was that his hands became quite messy, but from the outside it was all good. I was ready in about three to four lessons.

How Vault works?

An archway has a bulbous surface of eg a monastery. The vault is built of wedge-shaped blocks. The stones are pressed against each other and a load-bearing strength. So that no roof collapses. The first stone at the beginning of the vault is called drop cap rock (on both sides). The distance between the drop cap stones called span. Vault highest point is called the vertex. The length between the head and the span is called pilhöjd. The carrying up called the vault consideration. Between the arch and abutments are imposten. The actual place where the vault is on (imposten, solid surface against vault) are anfang. The stone in the middle is called the keystone. Vault outer portion called the vault back.

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