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Topic: Astronomy
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How long it takes for the Earth to rotate once around the sun

The earth moves around the sun, and it takes a whole year for the Earth to go around.

How is it that there will be night and day

The Earth spins on its axis all the time, which takes a day. This allows the sun hits different parts of the globe, and it is night and day. When the Earth's axis is tilted so shifts days and nights' duration, in line with the seasons.

Vernal Equinox: day and night in balance

What time zones does

A time zone is a region on the globe where it is the same time. The earth is divided into 24 time zones because the day has 24 hours. Assuming 0 meridian of Greenwich. To switch the date and day when passing date line 180 degrees from Greenwich in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

How it gets different seasons

Earth's axis tilt is about 23 ½ degrees. When the earth moves around the sun, therefore, meets the northern or southern hemisphere more or less of the sun's rays. This means that we also have different weather throughout the year and can share it in the seasons.

Where we live we have 4st seasons, but at the poles and the equator, although there are only 2p (light / dark at the poles and the dry / rainy at the equator).

How we have got months

Originally taught people how to divide the year and keep track of time, following the moon from a new moon to the next.

Deepening the Moon 1

Our shortest distance to the moon is 356,400 km. The Moon's diameter is 3,476 km and the weight is 1/81 of the earth. The Moon's mass is about 1.2% of the Earth and the temperature is +130 º -180 º daytime and nighttime. The moon is called Luna in Latin.


How moonlight created and its phases

The moon is a large, cold rock in space. It does not have its own luster, but the light that we see is a reflection of the sun's light. The sun's rays reach only half of the moon at a time. When it is night on one side of the earth and on the other day. We never see the moon back.

Moon phases are new moon, half moon and full moon. New moon is to astronomers when the moon is completely black. One can see on the moon as if it is about to get drunk or shrink. An upcoming moon, one can imagine that a comma. When the moon is half called it either "first quarter" or "in the last quarter." They say that the moon is new all the time from new moon to full moon, then when it shrinks from the moon back to the moon, it is said that the moon is below.

Lunar and solar eclipse

Sometimes it's brilliant full moon darkened. This is called a lunar eclipse and occurs only when there is a full moon.

A lunar eclipse is like a deep, glowing tan red light. Time of the lunar eclipse can be found in the calendar, and it is almost every year at one or more points in Sweden.

At a lunar eclipse is the moon and sun on opposite sides of the earth. If they are right on the line, so that the moon harbors completely in the Earth's shadow, there will be a total lunar eclipse. The moon will not be completely black because there is always a reddish light behind.

There are also eclipses, but they are not as common as lunar eclipses. In a solar eclipse the moon lies in the path between the sun and Earth. The eclipse is only visible in the area of ​​the earth where the moon's shadow falls, and it happens at least 2 times. a year, with about 6 months. intervals.

Lunar eclipse

Solar Eclipse

What planets in our solar system named

"But who did the marzipan-depth said Urban Ne gizmos".

This rhyme can you have to remember the planets in our solar system.

Our planets from the sun are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter,

Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

There were nine planets in our solar system, in the past, but today we call Pluto

a dwarf planet, because it does not meet the requirements for a planet.

If you stand on Earth, you can see five of the planets without using binoculars.

Jupiter and Saturn are the largest planets.

The planets in our solar system

As the sun is and how it looks on the

The sun is a star among billions of others in the space. The sun is a big ball of fire gases. The sphere represents 99.85% of the solar mass.

One million Earths could fit inside the sun.

The sun has a core composed of helium and this occurs all the heat and light energy.

The sun's surface called the photosphere and it looks the like, but is a boiling mist. It takes up to one million years for the energy in the core to reach the photosphere.

On the surface, there are sun spots that look like black bars. These fields are cooler regions on the sun.

Sun consists largely of hydrogen. The hydrogen fuel is the Sun. In a few billion years, the sun's hydrogen to an end and the sun will die. According to scientists, the sun has so far spent half of its hydrogen supply.

The sun photographed with ultraviolet light

Why do planets revolves around the sun

Gravity keeps planets in orbit around the sun.

Gravity is the same as gravity. It is a force that lots putting each other and give rise to what we call gravity.

· The Earth's gravity keeps the moon remains in orbit around the earth.

· Moon's gravity causes the tidal waves on Earth.

The closer a planet is the sun, the faster it must spin to remain in its orbit.

Black Holes

A black hole is a concentration of mass where gravity is so strong that everything in its vicinity is sucked in, eg comets and planets. Nothing that comes in its vicinity, not even light, can overcome the body's gravity, and therefore it becomes black when you look at it.

It is not proven that black holes really exist, but this is a theoretical solution.

An artist's vision of a black hole

Deepening the moon 2

Moon's formation

A giant collision is a theory of lunar formation. This theory is based on the moon was created by the debris created when a very early, semi-molten Earth collided with a planet-like object in March size.

The collision theory of lunar formation

Tidal ebb and flow

Tide is when the sea water level changes due to the moon's gravity. Moon (and the Sun), gravity causes Flodberg on both sides of the globe. These water body moves as the earth rotates.

Low tide is when the sea water recedes from the coast and the water level drops. Flood is when water rises. The height of the tide is the difference between low tide and high tide.

The difference between high and low tide is greatest at the equator, where the distance is greatest (perpendicular) to the Earth's axis of rotation.

Ebb and flow at the same port

Isac Bernharth

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    I read that the caster is around 45 degrees now and caster constantly increasing by the year 2012 is normally 23 degrees and all the countries around the Arctic circle will be moved to the northern tropic and the equator, but then the sun will be at the zenith of cities in Sweden 2gåner a year which is south of the polar zone and the caster will be fixed Stald of about 90 degrees betydet to areas near the north and south pole will live up the sun at the zenith once a year, but Sweden will be located near the equator natans means we will have a tropical climate then I think the ice on the poles will go away but I do not think we will experience the disaster of massive flooding over I think we will only experience all somvanligt but very mild winter and long summers or summer year with two rainy seasons and up living sun at the zenith twice a year in Sweden, we will see

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    I do know why they made the digital TV transition, yes I think the reason they force us to buy decoders because they have built just a box with a virus that will kill people can be a dangerous biological weapons sometime the authorities want to kill us, so that only the rich will survive and others will be buried therefore I warn it could be the same type as it happened with the belt of fire or Spanish sick when half of Europe died out at about 1000-1700 years one of those was willing to spread that kind of rats by now it through "digital TV" which iverklighet just coded that makes you need decoder where they had an idea where they utbyttja that we are stupid to buy a coder named decoder this is just a temporary time until we are out to kill since they needed no longer


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