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Solar Power

Topic: Physics
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So manufactured solar cells since the solar cell that can directly convert sunlight into elektricetet developed by Chaplin, Fuller and Pearson in 1954, the trend has been framåt.Tillverkningen of solar cells is as follows. First cut off the thin silicon bitar.På top of this layer puts on a thin layer of phosphorus and underneath a thin layer of living. Between those sent, there is an electric charge when the sun shines on the solar cell. To get the raw material for production of-Paintings must be allowed silicon raw material is cleaned from all foreign elements, so that only silicon is kvar.Denna purification process takes place in specially designed ovens, where silicon is heated to 14000c.Kislet must in fact be completely clean from other substances. It is a andledning why solar cells are dyra.Resultatet of heating becomes a long black silicon rod, which is then cut into thin skivor.Priset on ordinary solar cells of silicon cost about 700 per kvadratmeter.Men now have a Swiss researchers have developed a new type of solar cell which only costs 140 crowns per square meter. The type of solar cells still function in low light.

How Solar Cells

A solar cell is shaped like a flat, round disc-like, which is usually black or dark blue. Solar cells convert solar energy into electrical energy. On top of the disc puts on a thin layer of phosphorus and underneath a layer of living. When the sun shines on the solar cell out, an electric charge between skill. The electrical charge is entered through a pattern of nickel wires. For a solar cell to be manufactured is required semiconductor material silicon. A solar power plant system consists of three parts: A number of solar panels, a charge controller and an accumulator. On one panel, there are a number of solar cells. Each solar cell provides a voltage of 0.5 V that is when sunlight hits it. The current from the solar cell is dependent on the size of the cell surface is and how strong sunlight. The power generated from solar cells led to an accumulator. (An accumulator battery, which will absorb energy from the solar cells). From the accumulator is current to what you want to drive. The battery supplies power even when the sun is not on, it loads during periods of excess energy. Solar energy can be stored to.

So torn solar cells out

Solar cells are very hållbara.Solceller have a life span of at least ten år.Det are different types of motor-minimumgaranti.Det are two different types of wear on photovoltaics: Wind-borne weather conditions, solar cells, it does so that the framework the solar cells are protected by breaks in time and it is the end of solcellerna.Det may also be semiconductor material, silicon will disappear helt.Solcellerna can operate for years without supervision, but the battery, battery pack, which will absorb energy from the solar cells only have a life span of about five years with good underhåll.Man can also be described with the concept ordinary car batteries to solar, but it is much worse.

After 10-20 years old is the enclosure of a solar cell to be torn out by the weather and most of the semiconductor material silicon is gone.

How a solar power plant works.

There are many different types of solar thermal power to generate solar energy. There is a system that reflects the sun's rays onto a receiver high up in a torn.Det are hundreds or thousands of mirrors that reflect sunlight into the tower mottagare.I receiver converts sunlight water into steam, which drives a turbine which generated electricity. Such a solar power plant in California in the United States.

You can also use the mirrors on the way to let the focus beam reach a tube filled with oil. The oil is heated to 3000 C and heat, in turn water into steam that drives a steam turbine.

To capture the sun's rays are currently used satellite dishes. A large dish covered when multiple mirrors directed the sun's rays to a receiver which then converts them into power.

The most common variety is the extraction of solar photovoltaic. The solar cells are a direct response to solar energy and converts it into power.

Maintenance in areas with solar power.

Solar power can be described with the concept in many areas. Most described with the concept to homes and neighborhoods, where solar energy supplement conventional heating, or solar energy drives the entire residential area or villan.Det are also places where solar energy drives an entire area with hospitals, schools, street lighting and housing område.Ett such a system is bl.ai Australia. Even animals RPG sun energikälla.Det is a butterfly must have 300c.i kroppstemeratur to flyga.För to get the temperature stretches out its wings so that it can be component-video sun strålar.Sammetssnäckan is another animal that utnytjar sun as an energy source. It stretches out and catches the sun's rays. Since sunlight is converted into energy. All plants also live on solar energy through photosynthesis. The sun can power airplanes. Solar powered aircraft can fly at a height of 1000 meters. A solar-powered aircraft has flown over the English Channel. There Ochs solar-powered cars. Cars that run on solar power can achieve high hastigheter.Solenergin also used for ventilation systems in cars. The solar panel sits on the roof. Some mini-sufficient modern, refrigerators, irrigation and lights out at sea are also driven by solar energy. Japan has developed a tandem bicycle with solar panels on a roof over their riders. The energy generated from solar cells will drive an auxiliary engine that helps in the hills. It also planned to build a spacecraft that will be driven in part by using solar power.

The future of clean energy

In the near future we will be able to heat our houses, using energy from space. The energy should be obtained with energisatelliter.Dessa satellites are large, oblong plates, which circulates around the earth in a fixed orbit, and takes up the sun's energy out of rymden.Solens energy is converted to electricity, which in turn is converted to mikrovågor.Mikrovågorna is then sent down to a receiving antenna on Earth. The antenna is converted energy from the microwaves to electricity, which is sent out to consumers. To build an energy satellite will be very expensive, but you will then be able to generate energy for up to one hundred år.Byggandet of an energy satellite will make a comparison to be the largest engineering project the world has ever uppleft.Satelliterna will be constructed out of synkronbanan, 36,000 km above ekvartorn . In this court's orbital period is 24 hours and that means that the satellite always remains stationary over the same point on jorden.En energy satellite will be very much normal about six miles long and five kilometers wide. It will take 500 men and a year to build satelliten.Man begins to mount an aluminum skeleton and then substantiate this skeleton with solar cells.

Personal views

I think that solar power is good in both environmentally and economically in the future. It is therefore necessary to invest a lot of research for future use. Research is already now possible in future to have the solar cells in space, where they do not take up any space. A new cheaper and better solar cells, the researchers have also come on. I believe that solar energy will mean more in the future. Perhaps the next Nobel Prize research in solar energy.

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