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The city of Ur

Topic: History
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The town is about 5000 years old. The city is located approximately 30 mil southeast of Baghdad, and 15 km southwest of the Euphrates in present Iraq. The city was discovered in 1854 but excavations did not begin until 1922-1934. They were led by the English archaeologist Leonard Wooley. The archaeologists had to dig down 2.5m From then over a period flooded with sludge. During the excavations they found the royal tombs, which contained weapons, equipment and luxury items. Ur has always been a religious center, but it was when Akkadierna ruled the city 2371-2230 BC, the city became a center throughout Mesopotamia. The city was protected by the Moon God Nannar, and it was in her honor that man built the temple tower ziggurat.

In just Urs greatness time reigned A-an-ni-pad-da and Mes-an-ni-pad-da. The city was protected by a great wall with seven openings, and covered an area of ​​33 hectares. The wall was built by Ur-Nammu in 2100 BC Today, from a ruined city in southern Iraq.

There are three time periods in the history of Urs, which is divided into 3 different kingdoms.

During the first kingdom was ruled Out of Mes-an-ni-pad-da and his son A-an-ni-pad-da. Mes-an-ni-pad-da was a conqueror and temple builders. But it was his son who built the temple 8 km northeast of Ur of the goddess Ninhursags honor.

We do not know much about the Second Empire!

Ur-Nammu was the Third Reich's first ruler, who reigned over both the cities of Sumer and Akkad. It was precisely he who conquered the outlet of the river Euphrates, and made Ur the richest city in the whole of Mesopotamia. Ur-Nammu and his son Shulgi built the temple in honor of the moon god Nannar, and other magnificent temples in many other cities in Mesopotamia. In 2000 BC captured people Elemiterna king Ibbi-Sin and destroyed the city. On the other hand, was built up soon after. And Ur became a part of Babylonia, who was the kingdom south of Mesopotamia in the Persian Gulf.


Ziggurat is a square temple tower. and ziggurater were found in most cities Sumerian. They are built of clay tiles with glaze. The most famous tower is in Babylon. Temples areas (the area closest to the temple) became a center of the cities, where there were schools and libraries. The libraries have found lots of clay tablets, which were used as paper at the time. Most are trading contracts that have been made up, they have even seal. They also tell us about the school, trade, gods, myths and urban life. There are also paintings used as law books. Most clay tablets and other finds are now in the Brittish Museum.


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