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State Economy

Topic: Economy
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• State Budget

The state budget is a plan for all state income and expenditure over a certain period of time. It constitutes government action program and serves as a kind of instrument for controlling government activities in a more balanced way.

• Public sector

State, county councils and municipal activities. Such as police, health care, education, social services and so on.

• Fiscal Policy

State income and the expenditure policies which have the purpose of affecting growth, employment, demand and price development through the example decrease or increase of taxes and contributions.

• Monetary policy

The economic policies that affect the money supply, lending and interest rates in a country. Monetary policy is usually the country's central bank. The Riksbank is responsible for Sweden's monetary policy.

• Economic growth

Increase in the economy's production capacity.


• Who / what is responsible for the budget and for the public sector?

It is the government that determines the government budget and therefore has the responsibility for this. They put up an income part, a part of the expenditure and the part where they put up any borrowing requirement for Sweden.
• What activities are included in the government sector and the rest services offer this sector to its citizens?
The businesses that work with the public sector, the state, the municipalities, the county council and the so-called social security system that treats including pension and health insurance. Services offered by these are: schools (preschool, school, college), police, defense, railways and roads. The deal also grants: child allowances, study grants, health insurance and unemployment benefits.

• Where from, public sector their income financial year 2005 and the revenue item is the highest and the lowest?
The public sector earns revenue from three items. These are; Taxes and fees, capital income and other income. The former (taxes & fees) account for the largest part of the income of 1323 billion, followed by miscellaneous revenue of SEK 86 billion and then with the smallest portion of the proceeds will Capital income by SEK 59 billion.
• In the items of expense invested the most and the least money, the financial year 2005?
Most of the money invested in security during illness or handicap of just over 130 billion. At least the money is placed under Business. There ends up spending at 1.2 billion.
• The counter seats with a profit (surplus) or loss (deficit) for the financial year 2005?
The state calculates walking with a deficit of 39 billion in 2005.

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