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Topic: Inventions
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Iron is used to make fabrics softer and smoother. The iron was invented because people wanted and needed for treating linen fabrics.

The art of the smooth fabrics with something hot has been around since 300 century AD. Then, a stone that was rubbed against the leather until it was warm. Then took the stone to the fabric until it became plain. This took a very long time and it was a very hard way to emphasize. It was invented in China. The electric iron was invented in 1882 in the United States.

The first iron was made of solid iron. They put the iron on the stove until it got warm. Often they had two irons, one on the stove and one in your hand as it stroked. When the iron was cold changed only with the other. Next irons in the development was still in irons, but now hollow. In the hole you put a hot piece of iron. When weighing not as much and when it got cold you could just easily put in another piece of iron. Next irons were gas-fired, there was a burner inside the iron that made it hot. Then kallnade not iron after a while as it did before. Then came the steam iron. It fills with water which is then heated up inside the iron. The molecules of water begins to do in iron because they go in through a thin wire so that they barely fit in and the "rush" they decided to come out. The water becomes warm which then heats up the plate as it presses against the fabric when ironing. The water exits as steam through the holes, and when the fabric becomes wet. When you then presses the hot underside of the iron against the wet fabric, it is easy to get it smooth.

It is fortunate that the development has gone much ahead of the iron, the first thing that was of iron weighed a lot and was a pain to use. It also took long time to get the fabric smooth. Even getting the iron hot took a long time, but then kallnade it very quickly. Now it weighs less, is easier to use and much quicker to warm up. The heat also stops left now, which it did not before. You can also adjust the heat of the iron now, so you can have a lower temperature when deleting fabrics that can not tolerate the same and higher temperature on fabrics that can handle it. When it's warmer, it's faster to get the fabric smooth.

The positive irons for the environment is that it is not running on battery power, so there is no risk that someone will get the idea to throw the battery in nature which would not be so good. But it is still negative, because it uses the electricity instead. The more electricity that is spent, the worse it is for nature. For society, the iron is good for the companies that produce them earn money selling them. The positive for the individual is that you get smoother and softer clothing when using the iron. The negative is that you can burn and cause burns or burn their clothes so that you will have to buy new. But is it enough care to be nothing happening.

Since iron is not such a great invention, I do not think society would have been different if the iron had not been invented. People would only have had a little wrinkled clothes, but that's all. Sure, it's fun to have plain clothes on, but it's probably nothing that has been able to change society. The only thing that would have been different is that those who are working to produce iron would not have the jobs they have now, but probably would have invented something else like they did produce instead. Since the art of smooth clothing has been around as long as I do not believe that the iron could have completely escaped being invented. The need for everything to be as comfortable as possible must be done to the glass globe was replaced with something else.

In the future, I believe that the iron will disappear completely from home. I think Tobi Steamer will take over, but it will probably be a long time before it happens. Among those who now live and already a household iron I do not believe there are so many who throw away their old irons to replace the one Tobi. It's probably more future generations who choose Tobi instead of iron. Since Tobi set is so new, it is perhaps not so many people know that it exists yet. As more and more in the future, buy it spreads it that it exists and then they should buy it even more. That's when I think the iron disappears.

Tobi Steamer is a product which seems to be better than the traditional iron. It smoothes out clothes and other fabrics. It works better because you can carry it with them, for example, you can remove wrinkles from curtains as they hang on the curtain rod. You can not burn fabrics with it, because it only uses steam. One need only pour in plain water in the container and then you can use it for half an hour. The steam from Tobi enters the fabric and smooth to the rather ordinary irons that just press the fabric to make it plain. Tobi: n also removes unpleasant odors from the fabric using steam.

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