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Just like with Impressionism, it was an art critic who named the new movement surrealism. It was Guillaume Apollinaire who coined this phrase when he described the Paris set of the ballet Parade. You could say that Surrealism originated from Dadaism, and that the movement was founded, or really organized by Frenchman André Breton, when he published the newspaper La Révolution Surrealiste (surrealist revolution) 1924. The movement was deeply inspired out of Freud and condemned the rational world and its capitalism. It was felt that it was man's logical and rational approach that gave rise to the world's misery and misfortune. Many of the movement's members were supporters out of communism and anarchism as these, especially the last one was a society that was built out of the same logic and rationality as the bourgeois. Surrealism and Dadaism resembling thoughts are obviously a product of the industrial revolution and, more importantly, the First World War. Many who participated in the war, horror, such as André Breton, dropped to the belief in the world as it was built up and tried to find new ways of looking at life. The dreams and the subconscious mind was for the Surrealists, the new medium of the human soul. A fascination with the simple and primitive arose, especially children's mindset was interesting. Something that is different from, for example, Surrealism Dadaism, Expressionism, Fauvism, etc.. is their candidate in history after work with some of the very subconscious. Other movements such as Dadaism wanted rather than vice versa, and mocked art history. In their search found Surrealists such as Paolo Uccello, Hieronymous Bosch and Francisco de Goya in his darker period. Several surrealist artists such as Salvador Dali was also influenced by the Pre-burp elites dreamlike and symbolic målningar.Den surrealist movement is a right loose concepts and consisted of many different styles and approaches, because the subconscious is just spontaneous and subjective. But it is a little rough divide them into two groups: Machine Colourists and the veristiska surrealists. It is the first group to recognize the most features from Dadaism. They used often abstract and primitive art that they created by so-called automated painting and writing. It was felt that art should come directly from the subconscious and not having to be weighed down by the interpretations and explanations. This primitive art would also like the Dadaists, be shocking and provocative, in short a kick in the ass on the art establishment.
The second group, the veristiska surrealists was that more took after Freud and his dream analysis and had imagined that with the help of art could freeze the subconscious on eg the canvas. That way you could then interpret the meaning of this spiritual light that would otherwise be lost.

André Breton was basically the one who held up the Surrealist movement, so it is difficult to say that he belonged to any of the two groups. But an interesting thing is that he really thought that painting was far too rational for that particular art form surrealism. Instead he was one of those who advocated the automatic script, which in short was to let the subconscious run wild on the paper and the writer wrote all that he came to mind. What I find interesting is that Freud was the Surrealists and especially Breton's major source of inspiration really did not have much sympathy for the Surrealists methods to get in touch with their spiritual voice. Especially the automatic writing, which, according to him, the subconscious mind is undergoing some form of editing in the author's brain before it reaches the paper. However, he thought that the phenomenon was also worth to be studied. Worth mentioning is also that André Breton was very disappointed when he got to meet Freud in his mediocre and no more than ordinary flat in Vienna.

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Another important artist in the surrealist and probably the one we know best, is Salvador Dali. For sure, one thinks immediately of all Dali's often quite grotesque paintings, often with the melting clock designs. Dali was a clear supporter of the veristiska surrealists then he, like, for example, Picasso (who, however, was not a direct surrealists), felt young at heart was the key to the subconscious and into an alternate reality. However, the Dali is not that it needed paint like a child just for that, such as Miró does. I'm also obliged to mention the film, Un Chien Andalou, which Dali has a pretty big hand in the production. It is one of the few films that is straight through the surreal, when it provokes with unpleasant scenes and disjointed events. However, there are quite a few films and filmmakers that can be considered using a little surrealism, such as filmmaker David Lynch.

René Magritte was initially very influenced ski futurism and cubism. But he drove more and more towards surrealism who finally caught him. His art style reminds me a lot of Dali's. But he was not as provocative design as the Spaniard. He used the out of ordinary designs, such as a common man or a pipe and put a small screw in it, who questioned our rational reality.

Surrealism as an organized movement is difficult to find today. But it is not dead, far from it. Although there are some artists working today that can be considered surrealists, it is more like that liberalism has grown from art. I myself like surrealist art, when it manifests in paintings and photographs. However, in music and literature, it is too far. Maybe I'm not deep enough for it, or so I am not able, I do know that I enjoy more of our logic and our rational arts in music and literature. But surrealist paintings are different, at least if we are talking about the veristiska, but also automated. I like artists like Dali and Magritte to their paintings can be perceived as beautiful, grotesque, and so cozy. Also, Miró's style kids alike have a place in my heart. A painting can enjoy without understanding in the least, and those very surreal is interesting as they constantly call for a different world slant and imagination release. Surrealism still have a great effect on people when it comes to questioning, they made it through their art, we do it maybe in a different, often more rational way. But if we today in our rational and mattematiska world may need something, it is that a little more often listen to our irrational subconscious and our dreams.

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