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Swedish Radio

Topic: Society
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1. How is controlled and owned the company?

SR is a limited company owned by a foundation. The Company's Board is made up of various representatives of social movements, NGOs and trade unions. The company is guided by an Executive Director appointed by the Board. Management Foundation owns the other two public broadcasters SVT and UR.

2. Find out which laws and regulations applicable to the Company.

Sveriges Radio is an independent broadcasting public service and are free from political, commercial or other influences. This means that no outside Sveriges Radio can determine the content of the programs. In the broadcasting license issued by the government in 2002, states that SR will offer the public the most rich and qualitative supply thanks to the best sound quality, efficient organization and skilled workers who can meet the audience's changing needs, and a decentralized program production. Listeners should be involved and given the insights necessary to be able to act as citizens. By adapting transmissions for both large and small groups in the community, to broadcast on minority and immigrant languages ​​and by reaching listeners through multiple distribution paths must SR work to reduce information gaps in society. Radio Sweden will also safeguard the Swedish culture, music and language. Swedish Radio's operations are characterized by openness, Desire and Quality.
Several laws also apply to Swedish radio, such as the Freedom of Speech & Radio & Television Act. Sveriges Radio is obliged to heaving the democratic rights and freedoms and equality of all people. If a listener think that a program contrary to the SR's broadcasting can be listener notify element to the Review Board for radio and television.

3. Find out how the economy looks. The Swedish radio does not occur advertising. Is it good or bad.

It is of course very convenient for listeners to radio programs need not be interrupted by advertising. Program spouses are independent of commercial interests and can instead focus on making the kind of program they want to do and think the public needs and appreciates and can thus make more serious and informative programs. A big disadvantage is that you can not determine if - because it is funded by contributions - is willing to pay for it.
The advertising-funded station can be controlled by wealthy interests and some people can get very strong influence over radio and media in general, which is not the license-funded radio to the same risk. But by funded by different companies is the advertising-financed channel more free because you have multiple funders.
The advertising-funded radio will also become more listens friendly because the channel number of listeners is the basis for advertising revenue, revenue that channel's survival depends. One can see it as advertising channels giving listeners what they want while the SR gives listeners what they think they should want. The advertising-financed local radio also get small business owners from the local business community the opportunity to bring their message to the people nearby.

I think it is better with advertising financed channels. Mainly because you then can choose which they want to support (listening to and therefore increase the number of listens and listens channel revenues) rather than be forced to pay for something you may not even use. In addition, advertising-supported stations better because they always have to fight to get as much audience as possible in order to remain in business.

4. Find out which and how many are working on Swedish radio. How is the distribution.

Swedish Radio has 1908 employees. Of these, 57 percent men and 43 percent women. Besides them, there are currently 216 project employees and 307 temporary staff. Stringer also occur. In Parliament decided that the SR the next few years will focus on third-party contributors. Last year was paid SEK 250 million to external participants, such as musicians, actors, writers, playwrights, freelance journalists mm. This represents a payroll of approximately another 850 people full time.

5. What are the preconditions for the public service mission and why are these important?

The basic prerequisites for public service assignment is that the company is free from commercial and political interests. The financing is secured by licensing fees. Because you know how much money to get into the company it is easier to plan activities.

6. Find out how media use is and how listening is divided into channels and ages.

Over half of Sweden's population aged 9-79 years, 50.3 percent, listen daily on Swedish Radio. Comparatively listens approximately 33% daily on one of the commercial channels. By far the largest is P4 every day you hear of 34.6% of the population, while only 1.8% of Swedes dials into P2 on a daily basis. Studying the charts of Radio's listeners see that the older a person is, the more listens person in general on the radio. 80% of the population of people between 65-79 are listening to the radio daily, then the figure drops steadily while the ages down to only 18% of young people aged 9-19 years. Swedes under 35 listens more on commercial radio than on SR.

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