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Symbolic Interactionism.

Topic: Society
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The name suggests how human interaction works using symbols that have meaning.
This direction would show the importance of Verstehen.
SI believes that the social order is created by the people together in an exchange interaction working out what we call culture in a variety of social occasions. This is unique among living creatures, man is an interpretive creature who can put different meanings in the world around them. And to choose to act on those interpretations. Man is also a social being, we choose to take part of the community of other people. Inevitably, the most important being human include that we put different stamps on each other. Everything we show up publicly telling you what we are for the type of man. Language is the most important source of symbolic importance, but also how we are dressed, expression and smell are also important. Social meetings regardless of the purpose for which they have, inevitably includes an analysis of the other how we are as a person and assign us an identity. We learn early on to create or manipulate others view us. We learn to become actors in the theater of life, but we write our own replicas. But even find props that will help us in their own role.
Goffman uses the theater metaphor to clarify the details of the small local meetings.
He calls this whole process of dramaturgy.
According to the SI is our identity how we perceive ourselves, depending in large part by how we behave during
the various social meetings during life. We see ourselves as we do because we have a self-image, as confirmed or amended by those present at the meetings.
Some are always present (parents, siblings, friends, etc.) at the "performances" while others see us occasionally.

Phenomenological sociology.

FS believes that life-world is an uncertain direction of the common meanings that the whole social group share. It is this shared perception of common sense, that we take for granted about society, other people and the rest of the world. In reality, the social based on these common prevailing assumptions and concepts. The social order will only be maintained as long as these ideas are shared by the collective. It is only through sustained effort as a fenomenolog can develop this to see the true nature of social life. The basic structure of the social lies solely with the documents at vindication or interpretation of the meaning.
Phenomenologist believes that the controversial Positive sociology suffers from the same common-sense-delusion that ordinary people have.
Man committed to the constant flow of documents, which are taking place with constant use of practical knowledge. Equally important is the act that phenomenologist insists that we must understand the social rules given in their proper context. Everyone should take part of the social collective which primarily consists of the shared universal meanings.

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