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Sibling Love

Subject: Swedish
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Sibling Love

While I welled around in my big dressing room I heard Andrew stand and rave about how unnecessary it was actually going over to Robin for dinner on a Friday night when we could stay at home and cozy up to a good movie, especially when it was the night before he was to leave on its conference. I rolled my eyes for myself and picked out my finest heels before I rushed out to the bathroom. I better make up and saw Andrew standing and study myself in the mirror with a sarcastic glance.
- You were at his home yesterday, is not it? He said without changing his facial expression. He also added that there was no Nobell dinner we would.
I turned quickly and almost shouted to him that we were there and there was nothing that could change that. I sighed to myself, sometimes he could be so cruel stubborn. But all said and done, I had my way, twenty minutes later we stood outside Robins apartment hand in hand. When he opened the door, he embraced me right away and kissed my cheek, I really love my brother, I thought to myself while the guys rigid took each other's hand. They had never been particularly well together, Robin and Andrew. This was obviously not Robin's fault, but only Andrew. He was so incredibly jealous, my boyfriend. Despite three and a half years together, he was still jealous of anything out of the male sex that moved into my neighborhood, this is facilitated's not that I studied to become a police officer with thirty-nine well-trained guys in my class.

The food was already ready and we sat down to table. I commented to Robin how well he had done and saw Andreas eyes turn black while his head nodded in agreement.
- It is you I learned from dear, he said, and met my gaze. For the polite person Robin was actually he put neatly up food to Andreas. It was one of Andrew's favorite dish and I could not help but become to smile when I saw he was a bit ashamed that he had not wanted to go here.
We had barely kommigt to rest when suddenly the doorbell rang. Robin apologized, got up and danced out into the hall. I listened intently while the door opened, but heard only the heels strike the hallway parquet and Robin asks how the guest feels. Five minutes later a cute little primmadonna into Robins kitchen and smiled innocently at me and Andreas. I could not help but stare at her two cups under the chin and I assumed that it would have been difficult for Andreas too. I felt I was boiling with anger, not over my partner's eyes on the blonde double cups, but on the blonde, who with a loose handle introduced herself as Sophia. I said my name and smiled at her seconds before I gave Robin the infamous killer eyes. I felt this was too much for me, but I could not figure out why. It was swelling completely natural that even Robin would find their life partner at some point in life. Even so, I could not help but move my chair closer to him and put a few snide comments to Sofia during dinner.

When we finished eating, it was time for dessert when Robin began clearing tables. I offered course to help him directly, and "accidentally" spill some sauce on Sofia's peak. I smiled deeply in the table as she sat there and ojade over his pink little piece of cloth that barely covered half of the bust. When I came out of the kitchen was Robin there and prepared the dessert would consist of strawberry sorbet with cream on. I put the dishes in the dishwasher and slammed it with a bang, stood with folded arms and glared at Robin who just stood there. He was as handsome and well groomed as usual, it was very hard for me to be mad at him, but it hurt me. He could at least have told me about Sofia, I thought.
When he was finished, he smiled at me and he showed that he had noticed my anger by asking how it was that I was so shocked. I punched him lightly on the arm and said that Sofia was not good for him. He looked pointedly at me, opened his arms and pulled me close. He pressed me hard against his muscular body.
- But Honey, are you jealous? You've Andrew, what do I do when you do not have as much time for me anymore? Robin said with a soft voice and looked me deep in the eyes. I mumbled something in the form of Andrew complains that I have too much time for Robin, but he had returned with the dessert and was too busy to hear what I said. Then he turned to me and said that just because he provides girlfriend, it means of course not that contact between he and me were cool. He looked so convincing, it made me calm.
- Promise me that? I hugged him and after a while I felt that Robin let go and took a step backward. I looked strangely at him and turned around and saw Andrew standing at the kitchen door with a disappointed look. Robin coughed and excused himself and went into the dining room with the dessert. I smiled at Andrew and walked toward him, kissed him and held him, he was too stiff.
- What is it now? I said irritably. I got tired more and more that he would always be so nojjig. Of course I understand him, he was jealous of Robin looked very good, but that's my brother, so Andrew had absolutely no reason to be jealous. Neither he nor anyone else knew my thoughts on Robin, so no problem could arise.
The rest of the evening was reasonably pleasant despite the circumstances, I tried to be nice to Sofia and I saw that Robin appreciated it.

In the car on the way home it began, I knew that Andrew would start bitching. He had apparently noticed that I was a little cold towards Sofia and so had obviously hug between me and Robin made him pensive. I sighed just ate my boyfriend and told him that he was FUSSY that even layed down energy on arguing about this.
- But you know how I react, and I do not care if you are hugging and show your sibling love. But why appreciate you not that he found someone he might like? Andreas looked straight ahead. I checked out and stammered that I was only afraid of Robin and wants his best. Andrew sighed and I looked across the road and noticed how fast he ran. After losing a friend in a car accident three years ago, I was always skeptical of speeding so I asked him to slow down and he listened to me.
His irritation was not over when we got home right away. After having fixed the order of me I lay down in our big bed and wrote a few lines in my diary. Andrew never came into our bedroom that night.
Morning there on I found his blanket out in the hammock on the balcony and guessed that was where he spent the night. A torn out piece of a newspaper lay on the kitchen table; "At home tomorrow. Kiss ". I sighed to myself, his little notes would not directly contain any call texts but I thought no more of it, but hoped he would come home happy tomorrow.
After I had breakfast and tidy little in our apartment I lay on the couch and turned on our new TV, but there was no program that could entertain me, so instead I picked up the phone and dialed the number to Robin. He responded as usual "Hello baby" after three rings and I smiled to myself. I told my brother about my and Andrew Barney and Robin offered to come with Chinese food and have a Myskväll home with us. I thought it sounded just fine, I could have. We decided that he would come at seven o'clock and as always he stood outside the door, not a minute late with his hands full of Chinese food. I thought he had fixed to the slightly more towards what he usually does in his blue shirt, but I shook direct the thought and kissed his cheek and took all the food. I had laid out nicely on the living room table and almost tingle in my stomach when Robin gave me a compliment for it. We sat down and reveled in us while we saw some comedy on Channel Five that both giggled about now and then.
- Thanks for dinner heart, it was delicious as always, I said and gave Robin a light kiss on the cheek. He looked almost a bit embarrassed and patted me on the cheek. Since I spent out on a jog earlier in the day, I would take a quick shower before we sat on the film that Robin had hired.

When I got undressed and stood in front of the mirror wrapped in a bright pink terry towel, I could not handle the situation, my thoughts floated away into wild fantasies about me and Robin. I really did not think like that about him, but this was not the first time, it has been going on for long. I made sure to leave the bathroom door slightly ajar in case he was going to walk past and I was ashamed of the thought. While I stood in the hot shower and let the hot water pour down on my body, I dreamed myself far away, I really could not hold back my thoughts as much as I wanted and tried. I was not thinking about anything other than Robin. I heard the bathroom door creaked, but I pretended not bother me. I continued to stand and rinse out the conditioner while scratching my scalp. The shower curtain was pulled away, and when I with a jerk turned around I saw my brother standing there, my Robin. Without a word, he grabbed my hips and brought me into his body. We stood there and just looked at each other, it was like in a movie. My heart was pumping too many beats per minute, I could not utter a word, and before I knew it, I kissed his lips. It felt like our lips were two pieces of the puzzle finally assembled. He rubbed at my back and held me close to him, I knew that everything was wrong but I could not stop myself. He touched me like no one has ever done before, and it felt so incredibly right even though he was my brother. The dried I did not even have in mind at this wonderful situation. He ran his fingers through my dark long hair, and kissed me passionately. I felt how I shuddered from head to toe, even though the water steaming hot around us. His golden body all wet next to mine. We belonged together, like Ying and Yang, we stood there and it was such an incredible charge between us, and it did not stop. We tumbled around on the bathroom floor, it was as if we could never get enough of it. He kissed me everywhere, and I gently caressed his chest when he grabbed my neck and brought my lips next to his. There was no stopping, and I thought even if I wanted a stop either.

Without the slightest warning was a shadow in my corner of the eye and barely a moment later, I stood up on the bathroom floor and saw Andreas straight in the eye. He looked exactly like Robin had done for about two hours ago, but he did not have his hands full of Chinese food, but with roses and chocolate.
- Is this the reason why you should not take an earlier train to be missing his girlfriend so much? He said and looked more dejected than I ever put him. It broke me, tears ran down my cut cheek. Robin grabbed a towel and stood silently up and Andrew looked disgusted at him as he passed. Then Andreas turned his gaze to me, now he saw disgusted me too. I looked down at my hands that do not want to stop shaking and barely a second behind when I turned his head upward Andrew was gone. I sat down on the floor that still had their heat left. The place did not feel nearly as sacred as it had done for less than two minutes ago.

I do not know how long I sat there, but it felt like I was sitting there for an eternity when Robin came in with my robe and wrapped it around me.
- Has he gone? I asked him and saw that he too had gråtigt. Robin just nodded and took a breath and start talking. He told me that he happened to read my diary when I went into the shower, he read about the feelings I had for him. I cried even more now, and he hugged me and continued his conversation by saying that he felt the same. I almost shouted to him that it was totally forbidden feelings and without letting me he kissed my forehead and I felt he nodded even now. We took ourselves out to the bedroom and Robin rooted up underwear to me before he bedded me down. I tried to squeeze out a smile at him when he went out to the kitchen to make a cup of tea respectively. After a moment of thought went into the kitchen and hugged him, he took on his shoulders and he looked right into his eyes. Glances between us each quite different from what they usually used to be.
- Robin, you're so amazing kind that stay here and comforting, but I think I want to be alone, I probably have a lot to think about right now. Without a word Robin nodded sympathetically and went his way. I sighed a relief for the first time in a while. Actually, I was disgusted, but it could of course I did not say to Robin. He would probably be hurt, although he probably would not understand. I sat down at the kitchen table and drank my tea, but could not drink up all of a sudden I felt so incredibly sick. I looked at the clock showed ten past eleven and without brushing your teeth, which was a main rule for me, I went to bed alone in bed.

I wore long believed that I was only iakktagen before I realized I was being chased. In the middle of the meadows with the glow of the sunrise on your face, I began to run away from what I perceived was a bull. My feet got tangled up in the long light blue dress and I tried hard to keep ballansen. Sweat poured at the boiler legs and tears down along the cheeks. I saw in front of me, and to my bedrövlighet I saw only a rock wall in front of me. I tried to pass, but it was impossible. I dared not look back, but heard deep breathing in the neck. There was no turning back.

I woke with a start and immediately felt that I was in a cold sweat. I thought of my nightmare and was relieved that it was a dream, though not the reality was much better. Almost at once I stepped out of bed and the sun set loose out of the large windows hit me right in the face. My nausea had not gone over, although I slept for almost a day and a half, but I was hoping that maybe it was my stomach screaming for food. I washed my face in the sink before I went out to the kitchen and made sandwiches even though my appetite was completely gone. I checked the phone, no missed calls. I felt my mouth corners pulled down, why had not heard from Andrew? At least Robin could take their time and to call, everything was his fault. I immediately got a bad conscience over my mind and tried to call my brother, but no answer. I knew my brother right so low he probably at home on her bed and cried just like I did. Robin loved, and loved Andrew. Why should it be like this?

After spending two full days watching TV and gråtigt the unfortunate reality shows similar to my own situation, I got enough. Neither Andrew and Robin had heard of him. I stood up, pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt while I quickly jumped in a couple of ballerinas. Before I opened the door I came, and think about what Robin said about the diary, and went into the apartment and looked after. Apparently, Robin had put it in a clever place because I could not find it. With acting bone that was probably unaccustomed to go, I went out of the gate and met the daylight for the first time in a few days. I took the bus pass and took the first bus to Robin's apartment. My legs ached, but there was nothing I could think of. There were only lots of ladies on the bus who just glared at me, it felt like the whole world glared at me and they had the right and do. I felt shame and tears burned in the corner of his eye.
Once outside Robin's door where I found myself hand and hand with my boyfriend for less than a week ago I knocked three knocks as always. No opened. I peered in through the mail slot, completely dark. My last attempt was to know on the door handle, locked. I sighed and turned around and started walking down the stairs I just joined up. To my surprise, the bus stood out on the square and I ran to catch it even though it seemed hopeless to return to the apartment where my life destroyed. The bus ride seemed like an eternity, but finally I arrived. I brought up the keys but saw to my surprise that it was open. I had probably been so stressed out that I had forgotten and lock. I threw off my shoes and felt the head began to throb again. "I just want to sleep until Andrew got in," I said aloud to myself. I went to the bedroom, and when I had taken the first step over the threshold solidified all within me, while the entire body shook.
- ANDREW, what have you done? I cried and the tears pouring out of my bloodshot eyes. My Andreas, my boyfriend, my darling, hovered over the bed, dangling his legs, and a rope around his neck. I almost jumped up on the bed and when I tried to revive my boyfriend, I felt something hard under the sole of the foot. I looked down at my feet and Andreas and was devastated by what I saw. My diary.

Written by Felicia Moreau

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  1. Carro on November 26, 2009 at 4:53 pm #

    To read this was really captivating. If you are not looking to become professional writers, you should do it. I'd read!

  2. Charlotte on February 7, 2010 at 5:26 pm #

    Good story, absolutely. You need only think of throwing in a few commas here and there. Great!

  3. Jenny on April 26, 2011 at 10:28 AM #

    Shit lyrics, became quite emotional at the end .. :(

    Really good.

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