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Thoughts on Internet

Topic: Society
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"The Internet is a fly that might blow past. I do not think people ultimately will want to spend as much time as it actually takes, for surfing the web. "(Ines Uusman, 1996, IT minister responsible)
Equally clueless once Ines Uusman was on the Internet, just as clueless could perhaps, if one was mean (which I now supposed to be), claiming that the school is often about the Internet's role in students' school work today.

Internet, with all its advantages and disadvantages, but it seems that many teachers forget to relate to it in their teaching. I do not mean that it does not use the network all the amazing opportunities. Nor do I mean that you send out the students 'researching' on their own without support and guidance. What I mean is that too often are so totally clueless as to how much of the student work that instead been made by the network -of Wikipedia, the Mimer's well, etc.
Take the Swedish example: Book reviews - from the web! Author photo - from the web! Novel Analysis - from the web!
I do not know if it's because they do not come on the idea that students are cheating. Or because you do not care about it. For that you can actually justify the didactic (in some unknown way for me). Maybe you think you have the ability to discern what is the student's own work and what is not.
Even before I even finished a teacher I have seen a variety of paste texts (without source references, of course.) And I am so sad - for what is really the point of it all when nothing is for real?
Why not instead assume that everything is going to find online - and shaping the data accordingly.
Formulate not the task so that "the right answers" can be found on the Internet - if it's not just what you want. Let go of author portraits, for example - but then play with open cards! The teacher knows that the Internet exists, students know that the teacher knows that the Internet exists - and so we assume that!
Then one of the goals of the task being to find information online, sift and choose the best, compile your own words and references, cite and source reference. The second goal may be to create an informative overview of different authorship (in a genre, in an epoch, etc.) with exciting transitions and meta-texts. The third goal could be to produce a stylish magazine / website with a concrete audience, attractive layout and all one needs to consider when really writing for others to read.
In the end, man, with all the different elements included, worked with so much more than just an "author portraits." And probably should have learned so much more? Different skill-training torque has replaced cheating craft cut-and-paste-straight-from-the-internet-without-much- (thought) effort.
PS No author portraits before the reading of the author's novel! The risk is too great that it fucks up the book. But on the other hand, it may be just the opposite. Sigh, why is nothing ever obvious?

Nicklas Bergström

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