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On February 18, 1956 was born Arnbjörn Ted Leo And The Pharmacists. He grew up in Sollentuna, with mother and father and also two brothers. He was interested in music and audio already in the very young age. He often ran around and sang and composed melodies with their mouths. When he was six, he composed a melody so was dubbed "Sollentuna Waltz". When he was eight years he was with the "Circus Minimum Order" and played new compositions came with the accordion.
1996 Advent Calendar so Ted had the lead role and he played a few years later a movie with ananassa Bibbi Anderson. When he turned 15 finally arrived his first album "Concerns" and reached the Swedish top with "I want my own moon."
In spring 1972, Ted went on their first tour which was very successful. During that time there were more and more until that Ted was very good at tennis, though he had been playing a long time but he was "hot" during that time. He actually competed against Bjorn Borg, but unfortunately I do not know how it happened but I guess that Bear won.
Ted sang almost exclusively about nature and love for it was them two things which he defended the most. He quickly became many of Sweden's fan, especially teenage girls who all wanted to get him. He was then chased and known almost only because of his love for things.
He thought it was funny that they liked him but it led to more stress and later perhaps to his death.
1973 came the album "Ted" which contains the big titles "Sun, wine and waters" and "California gold". Year after came to a very great success, as was the album "Pranks" that came with the famous song "Eiffel Tower". After those two discs, it is said that he began experiencing problems with stress and stuff. He never confessed during that time that he had problems or similar but this was his closest started thinking about how he really felt.
It turned out later that he felt just fine during that time only that he took more time on the next album, which was "French" card which came in 1976 with the songs "Chapeau-Claque" and "Angela". After this time, he made a lot of discs with celebrities such as: Bjorn T. Wilkinson. He also made some plays in Hollywood. 1979 Ted won the Eurovision song contest with one of his biggest songs "Satellite". He also revealed in the song how cruel dukigt he was on the piano.
The time after the beginning of the 80th century, very anxious rumors spread that he joined in a very strange Indian cult (Bhagwanrörelsen) where he was named "Swami Sangita Upasani" and seemed to have retreated from the music world.
He moved to Oregon for a while but after the sect have broken up so later he moved back to Sweden. After it began the very difficult time when he began to hear voices other evils. Have they spent several times not to psychiatric wards, but sometimes he was also just as happy as before. For a very long time so he heard a voice in English that said "Go kill yourself". Sometimes it could even come once or sound combinations that also bothered him all day sometimes. He got increasingly stronger medications that he took more and more each day.
He was also accused of having murdered Olof Palme, and it contributed much to his death. He began to feel ill to appear, he was never happy and never got it either later on Sunday evening, June 22, 1997 so he jumped in front of the train. He was 41 years old and the story of the happy loving Ted's end. It was a major setback for the whole of Sweden that he died, but many will remember him as a cheerful man who later received mental health problems.
It need not just be sad that he died for his death have on the way and some have become something good for many people. It has every many who have expressed interest "Black Lace-clubs". All of Ted's family has also been an incredible support from more people and "clubs".
He tried as long as it went but it was not the end "RIP Ted"

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2 Responses to "Ted"

  1. Jock on March 26, 2008 at 7:41 pm #

    Lets just say that Ted's music was and is really good, my favorite is
    I want my own moon. Have always liked Ted, cruel

  2. Ann Ager Stone on March 31, 2010 at 11:15 am #

    I loved Ted's music, I'm a bit young but it does not matter of course elller how!

    In the seven dödsynderna should be false if it does not already exist?

    Given all those who betrayed him when he needed it most.
    Now I do not mean the family of course.

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