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Topic: Technology
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* The technology comes from the Greek word art, art is something that you use. * Stick is something that you use quite often. You can use it to t ex chairs table and to make porridge ladles. The stick is naturisk objects as long as nobody has shaped it.

* The light bulb was invented simultaneously in the USA England. Thomas linkedin son was one of the greatest inventors. And Joseph Swan succeeded in 1879 was for himself to do worked lamps.

* Old days they used 2st sticks to make fire, and later came to the flint that one could make fire with, nowadays one can make fire using a lighter.

* Scottish lake man Alexander salrik ended in 1704 on one of the uninhabited Juan Fernand islands in the Pacific havet.dÄr he stayed for 5 years. He became a prior image he wrote Robinson Cruise. On Easter Island there are some strange statues. They look like big faces. When Thor hoerdal came to the Easter Island statues had been moved when the said judgment that the statues were themselves.

* The old days there were no machines then you had to wash wash all wash themselves, but nowadays there are T: ex washing machines and washing machines:

* Also in sammhelet in a big way affected one out of machines every day, in the old days there were no attendants connected when to call someone, nowadays it is just calling the man to speak to.

* It has been most male inventors. The first known women inventors were Margret Knight.

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