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Terry Brooks: The Phantom Menace

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This science fiction book based on George Lucas screenplay is written by renowned author Terry Brooks who has also written fantasy novels of Shannara.
This is the story of how the saga of Star Wars began, how the dark force comes to, grows strong and how it threatens to defeat the light. The story is set a long time ago in a galaxy very far away from here.
The person who first acquainted with the little nine year old slave boy Anakin Skywalker. He has a special feature that allows him to anticipate things before they happened and makes him despite his young age to a very good pilot in the fatal capsule races.
He dreams of one day becoming a Jedi and to be free from slavery so that he can travel away from the planet Tatooine with his mother.
Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi are two Jedi who has been a difficult task to perform. The evil Trade Federation has sent warships loaded with battle droids to the planet Naboo, and the two Jedi are responsible for the planet's ruler, Queen Amidala security at the negotiations begin. When they find out that the trade federation intends to execute her as they flee with her from the planet with the help of her private space shuttle. The ship is shattered and they are forced to land on the small remote planet Tatooine. Here they meet at Anakin and they receive protection in his and his mother's home from a sandstorm. They succeed later liberate Anakin from slave labor, he bids farewell from her mother, gives her a promise to later come and free her and then follows with the Jedi Knights from planet to then become a self. So begins an epic and imaginative story about the bright power's struggle against the dark.
But it will not be easy, the dark energy's equivalent of the Jedi have returned. These are called Sith lords and now constitutes a major threat for goodness.

Here are some other notable characters in the book:
Darth Sidious is the full power of the leader behind the evil Trade Federation. He is wearing a dark hood which makes him look very vicious and unyielding out which he also is. His immediate subordinates
is the neimodianska Viceroys Rune Haako and Nute Gunray.
Darth Maul Darth Sidious's apprentice. He is a very evil Sith lord who will give everything to crush the light force.
Boss Nass is The King of Swing. They are amfibieliknande creatures that live in an underwater city on the planet Naboo named OTOH-Swing.
Jar Jar Binks is a swing and a very clumsy and unlucky one. Jedi Master
Qui gonn Jinn saved his life once and then think Gunganen that he is in debt to the Jedi life and follows him constantly. It's Jar Jar that stands for the humor in the book.
R2-D2 is a mechanical astro droid (a kind of robot) who once saved the Queen Amidala from the spaceship to plunge by going on the outside of the ship and repair the damage.
C-3PO is a diplomatdroid as the young slave boy Anakin has made because it will help his mother with the housework.
A powerful scene that I remember very much is when Qui-Gon gets chopped down by a Sith Lord at the end of the book. Here is the paragraph:

"Cut the stab distributed in the battle between Qui-Gon and Dart Maul at the edge of the melting pit. They were locked in a duel that seemed endless, eternal and impossible to win for any of them.
The next moment parried Darth Maul to stab downward, turned quickly to the right and scored blindly a riposte with his back to the Jedi master. Too late Qui-Gon realized the danger. The shining blade of Sith lord's lightsaber hit him straight in the midriff and pierced the clothes and flesh and bone.
Obi-Wan thought he heard the Jedi master's cry, but then he realized that der was he who in despair shouted his friend's name. Qui-Gon did not emit any sound when he was pierced by the sword.
He stiffened by the blow and took such a small step backward when the sword was withdrawn. So he stood motionless for a moment, paralyzed by the killing blow. Then his eyes became cloudy, his arms fell down, and over his proud countenance sank extreme fatigue. He knelt down, and the light value fell clattering to the stone floor. "

In a way, I think the book is better than the movie because everything is better described in the book and you understand what is going much better. But at the same time as the film had such a good special effects and well animated aliens and environments that you could never imagine in fantasy. So I think you should both read the book and see the movie for the story to be as good as possible.

This is one of those book that it is very difficult to tear oneself away, reading and reading, and forget entirely away the time. It is a must for anyone who liked the movie and anyone who likes science fiction books. I find it quite easy to read and very entertaining.

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