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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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About the Author:

Mark Twain was born in Florida the 30th of November 1835, he was mostly known as an American writer and news reporter.

When Mark's father past away in 1847 he dropped out of school after finishing 5th class, he started working as an apprentice at the local newspaper. Meantime he worked on the newspaper he got a glimpse of the world outside the Florida. When Mark turned 18, he moved to New York and Philadelphia, he Continued the work on different newspapers and became a successful journalist, Mostly Because his superior skill in writing.

In the Year 1857 Mark moved back to his childhood house, he started working on a steamboat on the Mississippi River. Due to the civil war he lost his job, instead he felt like helping the south in the bloody battle. He volunteered for the 'Marion Rangers', but after two weeks of service he closed.

Mark started writing for a newspaper in Virginia, it was now he started calling himself for Mark Twain. He's real name was Samuel Langhorne.

People started to like Mark Twain after his short story: The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County. The Following years he worked on Several big newspapers and HE overpriced worked on a steamboat to Europe. His reports and tales Became very popular Among the People.
The Next Big Hit for Mark Twain was his first book called: The Innocents Abroad (1869).

In the year of 1870 Mark married Olivia Langdon, They moved to Buffalo, NY and Mark Became editor and partners of the Major Newspaper: Buffalo Express.

In the Following years Mark wrote Several books, two of many werewolf: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876) and Huckleberry Finn (1884) which probably are the mostly Among famous people.

Mark Twain died the 21st of April 1910 in Redding, Connecticut, Mark died 75 years of age.

Why I choosed this book:

I choose this book Because I already have read a book by Mark Twain called 'Huckleberry Finn "His books are very classic And they take place about 200 years ago Which is very interesting thou, Because You get to know how it was before you where born and your older relatives; your mothers motherhood for example were born.

I think Mark Twain's books (especially Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer) are something you must read before you die. A lot of people I have met say That These books are general knowledge. And I think That too.
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a warm and an exiting book Which focus on the rowdy boys and other mischief.
I also wanted to read this book Because is very Discussed and I think this is a kind of bookthat You Can Benefit village.

Immediately When I read the text behind the book I was captured. I could draw parallels between me and Tom Because I also am a very happy person and I am thwart in a lively mood like him. But in the book When I meet Huck I could see a wilder character and the book started to be better and better.

This book by Mark Twain is not the best book I have read in my life but I should absolutely recommend it.

Reading Log:

1. At the first chapter on Page 5 Immediately Recognized the states and the fatigue in Aunt Polly.
No answer
No answer.
-What's Gone with that boy, I wonder? You Tom!
-What You been doing in there?
-Nothing! Look at your hands, and look at your mouth. What is that truck?
-I Do not know, Aunt

This Explains on a good way Tom That note is a dream child, Tom Shows That He is a real troublemaker. Aunt Polly Seems here to ask an aunt that never given up, and despite the noise and the problems That Tom causes she still tries to do her best and this make the book's introduction very good. You get to know very much after just 1-2 pages.

2. "The two boys flew on and on towards the village, speechless with horror. They glanced backward over Their shoulders from time to time apprehensively, as if They feared They Might Be Followed. "
-Who'll Tell? We? "
-What Are you talking about? Suppose Something Happened and Injun Joe did not hang, why he'd kill us some time or other, just as dead sure as we're a lying here "

I think this party is on page 70 shows on a comical way how the boys think and believe.
When I read this I started to laugh Because They Thought That the killer would kill them too in They told someone. But if you think one more time It's not wrong. In our community today anything can happen. But When Mark lived maybe it was different.
Of according to crime statistics have Increased by More than 100%

3. To Relate to the themes Which I thought the book had, can I on page 193 see a good example.
Here the author catches the characters personality into the book and overpriced the true love that you can trust on.

"Becky gave loose to tears and wailings. Tom did what he Could to comfort her, but with little effect. At length Becky said: "
-Well, Becky?
-They'll Miss us and hunt for us
-Yes, They will! Certainly They will!
-Maybe They're hunting for us now, Tom?
-Why, I reckon maybe They are! I Hope They are!
-When Excellant They miss us, Tom?
-When They got back to the boat, I reckon.
-Tom, It might be dark, then- excellant They notice we had not come?
-I Do not know. But anyway, your mother would miss you as soon as They got home.

This retort tells us That Tom as usual is the wild boy who does not care so much about what happens or what's going to happen. He likes adventures, there is no doubt!
Despite of Becky, she wants confirmation all the time That everything is good and That Their parents are hunting for them and miss them.

4. Tom's relationships in this book are very different from person to person. On page 9-12, you can see an example.

"If one moved the other moved - but only sidewise, in a circle. They kept face to face and eye to eye all the time. Finally, Tom said: "
-I Can lick you!
-I'd Like to see you try it.
-Well, I can do it.
-No You can not, either.
-Yes I can.
-No You can not.
-I Can
-You Can not
-You're A coward and a pup. I'll tell my big brother on you, and he can lam you with his little finger, and I'll make him do it, too.

In the end of this occurrence They started to fight and Tom won.
This is not a good friend to Tom; They did not even really know eachother. Empty ice as I told you before a very wild boy. And I do not think he got so much attention from his Aunt and other friends. Because of That he wants to feel better than the other. And boys in his age thwart fight with eachother. And When Tom won he went home with a much better confidence.

5. Finally at chapter 33 on page 196- 198 The turning point came.

-Turn Out! Turn out! They're found! They're found!
"Tin pans and horns added to the your, the population massed itself and moved towards the river, met the children coming in an open carriage drawn by shouting Citizens, thronged around it joined it's homeward march, and swept magnificently up the main street roaring huzza after huzza "

Why I choose this as my last smiled ice Because I think this was a big accident. This was a main occurrence in Mark Twain's book.
If you read the other lines they say thatthis was the biggest night the people in the village ever havebeen around with. And Aunt Polly was so relived and happy to have her sister's child back again.
I think the message here Is that you do not know what you have Until you loose it. And that's a message That Everybody Should remember. I've got very happy when i read this chapter Because everybody Showed so much love and understanding.

Presenting the book:


Main characters:
Tom and his friend Huck. These boys are very wild.
Becky (Tom's girl at the end of the book)
Aunt Polly and Sid (Polly's Children)
Joe Harper (Tom's best friend)

The language in this book is very easy. Sometimes I can not imagine thatthis book is written about 200 years ago Because the language is very contemporary.

Theme (s):
The theme in this book is the adventure as You Already Know. But It has other themes too for example love and friendships and overpriced crime.

Short summary of the plot:
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is about a boy (Tom) who does not have any parents. He lives with his Aunt Polly and her child Page. Tom thwart spends time with a wilder boy than himself and his name is Huckleberry Finn. Everyday They play instead of going to school and one night They see a man get shot by another man in a cemetery.
Together They swore to not tell anyone Because They Thought That the killer was going to kill them too.

When you have read a little bit into the book, Tom Sawyer meets Becky, a girl who he avatars falls in love with. Tom thinks about her all the time and nearly forgot the accident on the cemetery. After a while Tom tells the police and the court of law what actually Happened That Night.
Tom regrets That and the boys went more scared Because the killer was on his own feet.
At the sametime the police try to find the killer the two boys went to the forest to go on an adventure. And in the end of the book Becky and Tom get lost in the forest and The People In Their village get worried. After a long time searching They gave up and Decided to have a funeral for Becky and Tom. But exactly at that moment Tom finds a way out from the cave and there overpriced They found the killer, in the Sami cave !!

Fredrika Åström

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