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The Brothers War

Subject: English , Reviews
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Magic: The Gathering is an American role-playing card game from the company Wizards of the Coast. You can play against one friend or a couple of friends. The main goal of the game is to kill (not literally) your opponent. By using powerful combos you can sometimes kill your friend (or foe.) Richard Garfield created the game a couple of years ago. Today, it's a big industry with thou sands and thou sands of players all over the world. There is even a professional league. There are five different editions and over ten expansion to the card game.
This book, written by Jeff Grubb, tells about a legendary conflict on the continent of Dominaria. It tells about the war between the two brothers, Urza and Mishra. You do not have to be a hardcore Magic player to enjoy the book, but it can heighten the enjoyment if you have played the game, especially in it's EARLIER versions.In the beginning of the story, young Urza and Mishra come to the archaeologist Tocasia at her digging camp. At first, the two brothers are close friends and everything seems to be all right. But after an expedition to an old mine the brothers start to despise eachother. Their sets Begins When They find a mysterious stone. The stone is divided into two pieces, one piece for Urza and one piece for Mishra. Both brothers want the other half of the stone. Urza now spends more time on his own, and Mishra lives with the Fallaji slaves at the camp. The Fallajis are a nomadic desert people, divided into Several clans. One night, Urza and Mishra confront eachother in Urza's tent, and Tocasia dies in an accident Because Of Their fight. After that night, Urza and Mishra both run out into the desert. Urza comes to the city of Yotia and the Fallaji leader catches Mishra. After a couple of years They manage to take control in Their respectively kingdoms, and the great war begins. The war between the brothers Continues for decades and finally ends on an island in the sea.

I will not reveal which of the brothers, who finally won the war.
I think "The Brothers War" is quite a good book. It's not the best I have read, but it's not the worst either. The book Describes the world of Dominaria very well. The intrigues are exciting and entertaining. It's a fantasy book in a fiction medieval world. There are a lot of machines and factories, but They do not have guns or any other modern technology. They do have flying machines, but They are more like copies of birds than sophisticated state-of-the-art airplanes. They are sometimes very similar to the early Attempts of flying vehicles from our history. Almost all the machines are more or less copies of living things. "The Brothers War" is book one in the "Artifacts Cycle" trilogy. I'm looking forward to read the other two parts of the trilogy.

I would give the book four points out of five.

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