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Subject: English , Society
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Thirty-eight of fifty states in the United States use the death penalty as apunishment for convicted criminals.The ordinarily methods of the Death

penalty is: electrocution, firing squad, gas chamber, hanging, and lethal

injection. The Citizen Says That Its Better to execute the criminals than the put Them

in jail for the rest of there lives on the Taxpayers money. The Death Penalty

are distressed only on the criminals thathave murdred someone, raped someone

Or treason. Some murders kills theres victems When They are under the

Influence of drugs or alcohol, When logical thinking HAS BEEN suspendent,

In Those cases it's almost impossible to convict the criminals.

The death penalty ridden Middle of threating person, but it allows for the most likley

The Criminal to die before any repentance or sorrow.

In twenty eight of the thirty eight states That practice the Death Penalty,

physicians are required to Participate in the executions, Which is against

the human rights of the physician, as well Those criminal.

All of the United States Citizens In These groups, as well as Those Citizens

in the more than fifty other similar groups, have one thing in common-

The urgent call to abolish capital punishment in this country.

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