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The girl and the debt

Topic: English, Reviews
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It's about a girl in my age, she went to a party and there she got drunk. She Became unconscious theres at the party, her friends had a lot of fun and dregs a lot. There were a lot of people who were dancing, drinking and playing around with the others. Two of her friends, boys, saw her lying on the bed unconscious. They tried to wake her alive, but she just lay on the bed. They put a crutch in her abdomen for fun, she started to bleed into her abdomen. The boys got scared and stopped, When They took out the crutch it was blood on it. When she woke up, she went to the police and reported the boys. She got to know everythingthat occurred at the party from the friends.Age: For everyone who likes that kind of book. Grown-up book.

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