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The Hives

Subject: Biographies , Music
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The Hives is one of the world's best bands. They come from Fagersta and
formed in 1993 when the unknown and mysterious Randy Fitzsimmons brought together
guys and suggested that they would put together a band. It is he who
writes songs and gives advice on how they should sound. No one knows who the
This Randy Fitzsimmons is, the name is made up and he's real name
something annat.Rockgruppen consists of singer Howlin 'Pelle Almqvist, guitarists
Vigilante Carlstroem and Niklas Almqvist that really called Fox and the
George, Christian Grahn, or Krille that his real name on drums and
Dr. Matt Destruction as in ordinary life is called Mum and plays bass
and guitar.

Their songs are a mix of classic rock and punk rock. Punk has them
received from his hometown of Fagersta where you either played hockey or
started a punk band. When they were on the Bergslagen coat, a rock festival, and
saw bands like Shelter and Green Day made them aware of the rock. They found
it was cool and tough rock. And it was not so common that
Americans with cool tattoos come to the small town of Fagersta. But it
first band that really inspired them was the New Bomb Turks. They played
completely stupid music but the music was still smart at the same time. Stupid and clever
Music is by judgment the best.

The band has about 150 gigs a year and has managed many long
foreign tours. At the Grammy Awards were nominated for four categories and
awarded in all. It was for Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, the Year producer
and the year's rock band.
The band has released four albums from their record label Burning Heart, the first
in 1997 and the latest was released this year and is called "The world's first perfect
Album ".

The members of the band are almost always the same clothes, usually suits with
a fly to a pair of stylish shoes and a dollop of grease in your hair. Someone has said
they are trying to look like greaves to tease his old punk audience.
The band has a very cocky and confident attitude and when they present
themselves they say that they are the best band.
The lyrics of throwing them out of their well-formed "punk vomit". The music from
Fagersta has always been rough and hard

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